19 Enough About Beauty!

Enough About Beauty!

Posted on April 18, 2012 by team

Moscow. We’ve paid much tribute to its beauty, let’s show its ugly side.


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19 Responses to “Enough About Beauty!”

  1. Maesrobert says:

    That’s what living, breathing cities are like.

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Ugly? No, ugly would be showing the mansions of the wealthy.

  3. stolichnaya says:

    Looks like most other cities around the world, actually.

  4. Vittu says:

    Showing reality in all its ugliness is a beautiful thing to do.

  5. cris says:

    Looks A LOT like Bucharest… I really thought some pictures are from Bucharest! :)

  6. Tutan says:

    You have complains?Please come to Bucharest and take some real ugly photos!!!

  7. GrafvonMoltke says:

    Even in its ugliness, Moscow still has all of its charms

  8. Tangowolf says:

    You have to take the bad with the good. Beauty is in diversity in all things.

  9. John P says:

    Every city has it’s dark side, it makes the good side even better.

  10. Otis R. Needleman says:

    I’ve seen worse. Bet you can make a lot of money with a car wash in Moscow.

  11. mat says:

    Thank You for showing the real Moscow. But would be nice for people to know about the special smell of Moscow.

  12. bobs says:

    I like these pictures.

  13. Tommo says:

    Ahh, Newtown Sydney. A fine place (huh? Moscow?)

  14. skopeil says:

    this is normal…others cities are more worsts…

  15. The Weight of the World says:

    Perhaps, it looks better in summer.

  16. JJgi says:

    Seen similar ugly places in San Francisco, London or Berlin. Every living city has them.

  17. Pedro de Lara says:

    Similar to many brazilian cities. Sao Paulo where I live is the same thing.

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