5 The Boat Will Sail The Way It Is Called

The Boat Will Sail The Way It Is Called

Posted on April 17, 2012 by team

The word “oba” is translated from the Kazakh as “burial” or “plague”. So it’s not clear what idea was in minds of the developers who gave the name to this micro-district “BesOba”… Though people continue discussions about the house that fell in Karaganda. Its dwellers do not know what to wait while their neighbours leave their flats in fear or start restoring what they have…

They are still removing the ruins after the collapse of the block of building #7 on April, 5th, 2012. 165 persons lived in 65 flats of the collapsed part of the building. From only 28 flats people managed to remove furniture before the evacuation. Now the victims of the collapse live either in the dormitory, in rented flats or at relatives’ and friends’.

Offical reasons of the collapse haven’t been announced yet, though the dwellers suppose that the reason is the foundation built in the wrong way. It was raised on clayey soil and had to stand on poling and not to be a girder one.

Building №7 started sinking on April, 1st, cracks of a hand size appeared in its walls. The dwellers began to be evacuated and after April, 3rd, nobody was allowed to even take their belongings.

Bank loans of the dwellers of the collapsed part of the building amount to 119,6 million tenge, only 17,5 million have been compensated yet.

Saulet, a dweller of building №6 with her son Damir:

– When building №7 fell I was coming back from the clinic. I saw it with my own eyes. It happened very fast. Before it fell I noticed it stood somehow wry. It’s good that nobody was injured. Specialists left sensors everywhere and drilled the wells to get the soil samples but we still do not know the results.

Many dwellers of the building part that remained whole left their flats.

Belongings that were not taken away from building №7 are now being retrieved from under the ruins and put according to sectors corresponding 4 building blocks.

The sufferers insist on facts of looting but workers of the construction company deny it.

People in uniform patrol the building №7 day and night.

Apart from the three (now two and a half) inhabited buildings, there are two more unfinished buildings in “Besoba”, anyone will hardly wish to live in them when they are complete.

Cracks in the walls of all these buildings are becoming larger, they are marked with special devices to detect changes in their shape and size.

Lezida, a dweller of building №6, says she and her husband are not afraod of collapse but they took the children away to grannies’.

Lezida thinks that the dwellers of the micro-district didn’t pay enough attention to their houses, especially to basements.

Homeless people lived there, and sometimes the valves were stolen…

Look at the window frames.

Water in the basements was normal too, no wonder the dwellers had been complaining about rats…

After the collapse of building №7 Lezida and her neighbours decided to raise some money and clean the basement, pump the water out of it.

Bolat says he’s not afraid because experts have examined the building he lives in.

The dwellers spent a cleaning day in “Besoba”

Though not all the dwellers helped in the cleaning, they say that the houses are elite, and they do not have to.

This couple couldn’t carry their belongings out of the collapsed building so they are buying new things for their little daughter.

Now their are living at the friend’s place. The offered dormitory is not suitable for a newborn…

Elvira says they had only what was on them. They lost everything. And there’s less and less hope that it will be somehow compensated. All their furniture had been bought on tick. Her friend from the next house says she has seen how the workers seized microwaves and other things …


Location: Karaganda

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    What s stupid comment.

  3. If this were in the USA , there would be lawsuits all over the place. Were there no(competent) engineers on this development?

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    “Bolat says he’s not afraid because experts have examined the building he lives in.”

    Were these buildings not built by experts too?
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