2 Petrozavodskmash Levels Up

Petrozavodskmash Levels Up

Posted on April 17, 2012 by team

In April, 11th, the plant “Petrozavodskmash” held a topping-out ceremony: the new sector of production and assembly of steam-generator shells for nuclear power plants has been opened. It’s just the first stage of the program aimed at fully-fledged production of all reactor equipment for nuclear power plants. 

Panorama of the plant construction.

The history of this production that occupies 67 hectares area is dated back the 1960s. The starting point of the plant construction was the statement of the government aimed at the liquidation of pulp and paper industry lagging and development of Russian mechanical engineering that would provide the industry needs.  Creation of this plant in Petrozavodsk became the first step of the program.

They built heavy industrial equipment including the first  in the USSR chain grinder with mass heavier than 120 tons for pulp production.

Petrozavodsk produced rollers of all types for paper making machines. Later it started to produce the machines themselves.

Giant machines intended for production and drying of paper and cardboard were delivered to the largest pulp and paper enterprises of the USSR.

Simultaneously with the development of the paper industry, the chemical sphere was rapidly developing too. In 1976 the plant put into operation a unique complex of chemical apparatus shops.

In 1978 the plant dispatched from the own special moorage 5 fully assembled distillation columns to Tobolsk. The world had no analogs of them, the columns were 100 m long and weighed 600 t each.

The range of the plant products was raising. They applied new technologies.

“Petrozavodskmash” was the first to manufacture equipment for multilayer cold-corrugated board that was used in production of carton.

The monument is made of a giant roller of a paper making machine.

Office building


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