9 I Like To Party In My Room

I Like To Party In My Room

Posted on April 17, 2012 by team

Look what one guy has turned his room into…


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9 Responses to “I Like To Party In My Room”

  1. Buddhist Hippie Chick says:

    It’s the Forever Alone guy!

  2. Blake says:

    I’d love to be his friend. Imagine the sleep overs!

  3. meh says:

    heh, this guy is like me, I have my basement like a disco, its fun to party with friends anytime in our own way.

  4. D. Bunker says:

    This guy will die a virgin.

  5. stolichnaya says:

    That room would be totally awesome after smoking a joint. Just sayin’.

  6. w says:

    No chance of the neighbours complaining with that tiny stereo.

  7. RJFlorida says:

    Who needs a stereo? Sinc iPods and dance in silence. This is awesome but weird to watch if you aren’t sinced.

  8. Metafosforico says:

    So we found the first buyer of the Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dormroom

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