58 Hey, Is She Real?

Hey, Is She Real?

Posted on April 16, 2012 by team

The girl’s photos were found in the social network Vkontakte. Looking at her it’s even hard to believe she can breathe….





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58 responses to “Hey, Is She Real?”

  1. Tutan says:

    Long live Photoshop!!!
    P.S.The pigs are nice!!!!!LOL!

  2. Gerry says:

    Girls who intend to turn themselves into Barbies should bear in mind that plastic Barbies can live forever, if properly used, and in fact their value raises as they become collective, however human Barbies have a lifespan of no more than 5 years, as human flesh is not as durable as plastic and then they gradually become Teddy Bears (in the best case), while the process is irreversible and the return to the pre-barbie state is not guaranteed.

    • Y5K says:

      Even if they knew it, I dont’ think all of them care about it. I guess many of them believe that they can still live a happy life in the memory of their happy happy barbie days even when they return to the worse state then pre-barbie. That kind of girls seem to be really different.

  3. xmz says:

    Plastic doll.

  4. 山下智久 says:

    to tell the truth i don’t like her.you know that who is i like.

  5. skopeil says:

    barbie doll? wow…

  6. YJ says:

    Results of too much anime pollution.

  7. perristalsis says:

    Some bruises on her legs would help the illusion.

  8. XyuH says:

    Lots of botox in multiple places. That is why face looks like the dead person’s

  9. Don says:

    too much of photoshop. In videos she doesn’t have cow eyes.

  10. pinhead says:

    Stop playing with dols you pervert!!

  11. caine says:

    Looks like clown

  12. Dan says:

    Her expressionless face is kinda creepy.

    Girls, just be natural.

  13. Fred Johnson says:

    God what a freak!

    She must not be very happy, she NEVER smiles. One photo had something like a smile in it.

  14. guest says:

    I’d buy that for a dollar!

  15. Thar says:

    im just confused. makes no sense 🙁 and smile god dammit!

  16. FromPoland says:

    From Poland :

    Russia – Impossible is nothing!
    I love this website…
    I love Russia!

  17. sauron says:

    I’d hit it.

  18. OldBikr says:

    Interesting, her eyes change color just like mine do. In some photos they show as green and in others they are quite blue. Mine vary between blue, grey or light green. She even has the same color flecks in her irises as well.

    They are also large in proportion to her face like the people of my family have. Is it possible she has some Celtic ancestors?

    She also has the same dark ring on the outside edge of her irises too.

    Such a large forehead and cranium, hmmm. As I have said interesting.

    • Chi says:

      centic…right…contact lenses and photoshop – hence, the change. Local Ukrainian freak

    • Cabbot says:

      Yeah, some contact lense companies sell a kind that are bigger than normal, therefore making your eyes more larger. My girlfriend also says that she is really good with the eyeliner, she probably used white or natural tone on some edges of her lines to make them appear even bigger. Notice how the black eyeliner never reaches the inner corner, that’s probably where she puts the natural/white paint on. She also is naturally slender, I’ve seen girls with tiny waists.
      There are girls with natural doll like faces, like Lilly Cole or Lillian Gish (an older example). Though here she must know how to do amazing makeup to make it look even-toned no matter in what lighting. There’s a youtube vid where a girl used FOUR different shades, to alter the way her face throws shadows and everything. So it’s all possible.

  19. zamo says:

    Its either Photoshop or she has way I mean way to much make up on.

  20. l_e says:

    1. Head is waaaay too big
    2. Too much makeup, you better meet her at the pool at first date
    3. Legs are quite long, but unattractive
    4. She has this thing on her face, she might not bang before wedding
    5. Her hands are too thin, I bet she doesn’t exercise at all
    4/10 would ba…
    Damn, where is her smile?
    0/10 would not bang.

  21. cro says:

    She would be perfect for “blacks on blonds” 🙂

  22. cris says:

    Did you all see she have almost the same face in every picture? :-))
    Not even a smile a little wider or something… THE SAME FACE!! LOL!

  23. Duncan Fisher says:

    Pretty girls, no doubt. But beyond that, I see some very insecure girls who have some serious issues.

    But if this makes them happy and boosts their self esteem go for it.

  24. Yulia says:

    Withou make-up she is completely normal. And much better

    • moo says:

      Yea that much makeup smooths out her skin and she looks like a doll. Take it off and she looks normal. I prefer normal to the face full of makeup.

  25. matt says:

    Yeah, it’s like her face is frozen or something

  26. john says:

    It’s a doll ?

  27. Dorry says:

    LOL!!!Really you don’t see a photoshop in all photos on!!Amatue her name on the youtube.She dreams to become popular, as Dakota therefore uses a lot of photoshop and lenses in the face of,she 27!!!!!

  28. Dorry says:

    It is mentally sick, with it and involves people, all in Russia know it

  29. Postaldude says:

    I wonder what happens or how she looks when she takes a shower?

  30. stolichnaya says:

    I want to impregnate her so she will have several children. This will make her have a big ass and wrinkles. Then she will cry for the rest of her life. Ha ha ha!!!

  31. Tobbe says:

    I’ll gladly take the number of her “real” brunette friend 😉

  32. elli says:

    they photoshop her eyes to look bigger. in some photos they’re just SO big they never could. i guess rest is plastic surgery

  33. El Porno says:

    It’s not photoshop. It’s surgery and make-up.
    There is her before-state link. http://blog.pochemuby.net/2007/03/21/krasivaya-devushka/
    She was pretty girl.

  34. Sprmcandy says:

    Luv her long beautiful hair.

  35. Phesoj says:

    She is real. She is a female Anunnaki alien.

  36. WTF, mostly photoshopped s**t

  37. Rich says:

    If she is real and I was a billionaire. I would give all of it, for her to be my wife!

  38. Attila says:

    could someone repost her facebook page i would like check it there. And i also would be glad if someone would translate that russian dialogue.

  39. iam myself says:

    I came

  40. Candy says:

    i seriously don’t know what to say, if she’s real and this is really how she is without any plastic surgery, then i have to hand it to her. but if she spent her time and money on surgery, make up and photo shop just to look like that, then she is definitely STUPID!

  41. thamichraibi says:

    la bele femme poure se stille 10/10.auteste fontastique tres jolie jaime trop voire trouve toujoure

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