0 How Filimonov Toys Survive

How Filimonov Toys Survive

Posted on April 14, 2012 by team

Now goes the story about one folk craft that would die if a small group of enthusiasts don’t sustain it.

Konstantin and Elena Kekhaidi have been producing Filimonov clay toys for 30 years. They say the craft is 700 years old and the first master was a fugitive convict Filimon. It’s him who taught people to make toys from clay, and after him a village in the Tula region was called – Filimonovo.

In fact it was not that romantic. These places do not have fertile soil but have a lot of bluish clay. So people study pottery. Women made clay toys. Men – pots.

The craft went down after the revolution: selling toys was equal to speculation, people were put into prisons for that. 30 years ago there were only few babushkas who could make toys from clay. Then a small group of people decided to continue the work.

By now Filimonov toy moved to Odoev where some families produce it. In Filimonovo people get even surprised when told that Filimonov toy used to be made there.

Elena is modelling workpieces of toys from clay. Konstantin paints burned toys.


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