11 Final Winter Fishing

Final Winter Fishing

Posted on April 14, 2012 by team

These guys have made an unforgettable journey to a well-known river Selita in Kazakhstan for fishing. The river is full of pike. The road to the place is awful but the guys overcame 350 km.


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11 Responses to “Final Winter Fishing”

  1. CombatPotato says:

    Very nice and fantastic fishing trip. Just figure out if ice broken and fish will be happy

  2. Daniel says:

    Why is the steering wheel on the right. They don’t drive on the left in Russia!

  3. belzebub says:

    Why are they holding those fish by eyesockets? That seems wierd to me but I don’t fish so maybe it’s wise thing to do (fish won’t bite you perhaps?)

    • An says:

      That’s pretty much the only suregrip way to hold a bigger fish like pike.The gills can be razor sharp and mouth has teeth. If you just try holding it by gripping its body, it’s so slippery you wont be able to hold it.

  4. robin yates says:

    good pics including the ones showing the drunks!

  5. astasi says:

    My favourite sports, fishing and drinking.

  6. Osip says:

    It is fortunate these guys took some photos, otherwise they might not remember the event.

  7. hedgehog says:

    looks like fun
    Day of fishing and a night of drinking

  8. Arsenic says:

    I’d kill a bear to go on a hiking or fishing trip with these guys!
    I’ll even pay for the vodka!
    Look like endless fun to me.

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