126 Life In Occupation on German Photos

Life In Occupation on German Photos

Posted on April 13, 2012 by team

You probably think that Nazis were bloody greedy bastards that occupied the whole of Europe and part of the USSR, and were treating people badly, without any respect, who behaved like degenerates and cried “Heil Hitler” all the time. You are probably right, this is how they are depicted by Hollywood, but reality was somehow different. Let’s see how it was thanks to the rare and unique archive photos we have here today!

Basically, Nazi German soldiers were regular people just like you and me. They were unlucky to be conscripted into the army by Hitler’s government but they were regular guys who liked to dance with girls, etc.

Many of them were carrying their cameras to take photos and send them back to their families in Germany.


Thanks to these amateur German photographers we can see those photos. Today we see the parts of the USSR that were occupied by Nazi Germans.

It’s said that Russia suffered the most by the German invasion.


For example, here is a main square of some Russian city. There was a monument of Lenin here but now just the lower part of the monument can be seen.

And here is another Soviet city, heavily bombed by Nazi aviation.


Basically, in many Russian cities the Nazi government was trying to improve the living standards. They were opening shops, cafes, building roads and electricity poles.

Of course they had to take food from civilians to feed themselves, but many civilians were happy they came and liberated them from Stalin


Of course many buildings in Russian cities suffered a lot.

Sometimes, Nazis deliberately set houses on fire as punishment for some crimes. For example, if a family was hiding jews or guerilla soldiers their houses were burned down.


Civilians were going to Nazi command posts to sell food.

And nazis were bringing tons of construction materials back from Europe to help rebuild the captured cities.


As you can see, they installed road signs (all in German). They were hoping this would be their land for a long time.

Russian civilians were often packed into trains and sent to Germany. There, in Germany, the Slavic people were used as slaves, as a free workforce to work for German masters. That was not rare thing.


More german signs installed in a captured Russian city.

Some Soviet people were forced to work in occupied lands. Here you can see Nazi soldiers at the sides of the group, and Soviet women and children working for them.


The people who lived under occupation in Russia were mostly women or children as most men were conscripted into the Red Army.

Also, it was not unusual to see old men or the ones who couldn’t serve because of injuries. Here you can see two Nazi officers attending the house of a Russian peasant. Nazis often used bicycles to move around in occupied Soviet lands as there were often problems finding gas for their motorcycles.


Sometimes we are lucky enough to see the photos in color too!

A typical hut of a Russian family in an occupied land. Nazis often seized rooms for their soldiers forcing the house owners to live in just one room and to serve food to the Nazis.


As you see only women and old men were left in the villages. And there is Nazi a soldier on the left.

Nazis were preaching their ideology to Soviet people, too. Here you can see a Nazi officer explaining the basics of Nazi ideology to Soviet women while sitting under a poster of Hitler.


Kids were interested in Nazi tanks and weaponry and German soldiers often allowed them to climb on the tanks.

Many Russian women had relations with young German soldiers and officers because of the lack of Russian men, though it was not socially approved behavior.


But life is life and for almost 5 years, the only men living in some villages were little boys and old granddads.

A Russian boy posing next to a German sign in Ukraine.


Here you can see a Nazi officer posing with Russian women and their kids.

They often got along together very well.


Exchanging some stuff with Nazi soldiers.

As Germans were often living with Russian families, they had parties and lunches together.



Sometimes it went even further than it should!

However, famine was not a rare thing either. Here Soviet women are trying to get some meat from a horse corpse.


Russian men were unwanted under the occupation, but still many of the ones who were left were working for the new German government.

Nazi soldiers felt at home in the newly conquered villages. Who knew the war would reverse itself pretty soon?



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126 responses to “Life In Occupation on German Photos”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    The consequences of borders and tribes (red ants and black ants).

  2. 山下智久 says:

    do most german people speak english?and do most russia people also speak english?

    • manta says:

      Germans do speak english very well. Two reasons for that. After the war, most of germa was occupied by western allies and after signing NATO contracts etc. SO western Germany was on the USA-side and learning English at school was compulsory. Second thing is, that both, English and German are Germanic-Languages are lots of words aren’t very different. For Example: “My brother goes to school” is in German: “Mein Bruder geht zur Schule”. As a German, English is very easy to learn.
      Most people here will understand you.

      I don’t know about Russia, but I was in the Ukraine once and it was horrible. Young people do have basics in English language. My Russian is very very bad but I would’ve been lost without it.

  3. scott says:

    Just looking at those leering, arrogant faces of the Germans – makes me feel sad for the poor people in the photos. The Germans, for the most part, behaved as beasts and showed nothing but cruelty to all on the Eastern Front.
    The Red Army had absolutely no choice but to completely destroy these invaders, both in the Motherland, and all the way back to Berlin. The Third Reich was like a rabid animal and would never have stopped killing and torturing in the East. GOOD RIDDANCE

    • OldBikr says:

      Hello Scott:
      I am going to tell you something even m,ore horrible than what you see on the surface. The Nazi party needed to have victims to ensure the loyalty of its members.

      You see after the Nazis took away as many rights as they could, then they would empower selected members by giving them the power of life or death over certain victims.

      Quite literally, the Nazi’s cohesiveness was being derived from the idea that they could always find someone in a position to bully and mistreat. If the Nazi party did not have designated victims then their poorly paid functionaries would have had no incentive to continue to support them.

      It was a two fold attack, if they could not hook their members with the idea that they could mistreat the victims as much as they wanted, then they threatened to make the possibly unwilling members into victims for the rest of them to mistreat. Carrot and the stick…Do you see? Not all Germans were Nazis, Pastor Neimuller (not sure if I spelled this correctly) spoke out against the Nazi party and its excesses and he suffered for having done so.

      This Pastor was a U-Boat commander in the first world war, if memory serves me.

      The Russians gave as good as they got…

      • ptc says:

        Same with communist SSSR. Nations of Caucasus and Latvia, Estonia, Lituania and Finland tell you the same. Russians were invaders and Germans bring freedom to them. In reality, there is no difference between Nazi Germany and SSSR.

        • ayaa says:

          There is a difference in that one sixth of all Germans weren’t killed by the Soviets.

          • Jomre says:

            If you look at the numbers, then you see difference. Stalin’s hordes killed far more people than Hitler’s Germany!

            • hestroy says:

              Jomre, you are tying hard. This is a good old fairy tale. Sieg Heil, my nazi friend! :)))

              • Erk says:

                Weird. You, Jomre, are talking about something, You don’t know. I am from former Soviet Union. I know, what was Stalin’s regime and what have they done. We don’t have many people, who’s relatives aren’t killed or imprisoned by soviets. I am agreed, that nazis were not much better, than soviets. Still, after a year after soviet occupation, people saw at beginning german troops as liberators. For a while.
                For Hestroy: Ignorance is strenght? Even in holodomor in Ukraine starved to death 3 millions… OK, maybe I am “a nazi from Baltic”, but You should read russian authors, who are writing about that era… Or You fear to see, what do You don’t want to see? You can’t read in russian? I can. And I do it. I recommend it to You also, if You want to know, how it really was.
                About pictures: many of them are not from Russia but from Belarus, Ukraine. A picture about trading with german soldiers – those are russian POW! And that tank, where children are climbing, isn’t a german one. It is very rare russian heavy T-35. It was made 61 pcs of them and they meet the II WW in Ukraine, where they were also completely destroyed. Only few in battle. Mostly abandoned (as most of the other tanks) by soviet soldiers, who didn’t want to die for Stalin. And for Hitler also.

                • Jomre says:

                  It is weird! What is your point? I don’t understand what are you talking about. It was me who said that Stalins hordes killed many more people than Germans ever did. I am from former of Soviet Union and my family and relatives saw in their own eyes what did bolsheviks, Russian troopers and what did German troopers after that. And then again Soviets. There was the big difference. Yeah when Germans evacuated then of course they wanted all their troopers but many foreign troopers didn’t want to go. They wanted to stay close to home and defend it from Red Army. If Germand got them then of course by the accordance with the laws of war time and desertion they was executed. But was few instances where they even understood the situation and let them go. Very rarely of course. Reds ….. to understand anythig – NOTHING! Only what they did was killing and deportation to the camps and GULAG. Woman, children everybody who didn’t collaborate. And who did had been killed or sent later. If you look at the numbers then you must understand who was worse!!! What happened to Karelian? Is there anything which reminds you of Finland? This part of country is gone! You can say it is 100% Russia now. No one speeks even word of finnish. Anyway here is nothing to talk about it. Brainwashed youngsters can say what ever they want but there and even here, in the west still are people who had experienced firsthand all these terrors what reds did!!!

            • Ermo Saarna says:

              Is one sixth of Russians were killed by the Germans? Or was it Stalin’s regime, who sent his own troops to certain death.? And Order No. 227 How many of their soldiers were killed by the NKVD ,who soldiers were lined up after the regular army, and killed everyone who was injured or attempted to withdraw?

              • hestroy says:

                Stalin would’t sent anybody to certain death until Germans invaded SSSR. Simple. Greetings to nazi Estonia!

                • ermo's respond says:

                  Thanks and HEIL! Stalin was already before revolution horse thief and mountain robber. For that czarist government tribunal ordered him sentenced to exile. But maybe Stalin’s Order No. 227 was the myth and NKVD didn’t kill any wounded troopers? Maybe Red Terror and Great Purge was also the myth and Stalin was such great mellow dude who didn’t hurt anybody? If you look around there in Russia then you certainly can find older people who suffered under the Stalin’s regime. They can tell you how much death and suffering was around them because this monster. One of the worse in human history!

            • John Cox says:

              That is certainly true. The Ukrainian Holocaust (Holodomor) alone had as great a death toll as the Jewish one. But of course the victor writes the history books.

          • Jomre says:

            For the Baltic States was a big difference. Shortly before the Germans got here, the Red Army tried to invade Finland in the Winter War and occupied all three Baltic countries. How many people they killed, tortured, raped, deported during his short time here. Many! About a quarter of our people fell victim to them directly. All the people suffered. And even these few collaborators, who believed in the goodness of reds, later also fell victim to Stalin’s repressions. When the Germans got here then to many people they seemed as liberators. And the Nazis were well aware that the Finns, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians and many other nations, who had suffered under the communists regime, will be allies for them. That’s why they treated us nicely, most of the time. Whose side are we would have had to fight with?

            • Jomre says:

              My family members, relatives got killed by communist bastards and this is fairy tale? Heil? Don’t care! If somebody ivades my country and kills my family, relatives, friends then yes, I’m ready to be Nazi, Zimbabwean, Mongolian or no matter who but I’m ready for revenge, even wearing a feather.

              • hestroy says:

                They should’t fight for Wehrmacht. Easy.

                • Jomre says:

                  What kind of Wehrmacht? Families of farmer, peaceful burghers, older people and Wehrmacht, before WWII even started ??? Only the Soviet barbarian was in Karelia and East Finland. Ever heard about Winter War??? Or Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact?

        • Carles Manrique Pérez says:

          This is plain simplist to say. Russians were invaders at the time, yes. But the Baltics knew very soon after the German takeover that the new occupiers had no intention to give back independence to that countries and that they were as bad as the Russians were at the time or even. Some of the people writing are entering the field of negationism and lessening what Russia suffered. On the other hand, trying to justify the German occupation or trying to lessen what their own people suffered makes me quite sad. Oh and you are communist? Russians should stop to think that they own or that they should own eastern europe (they are also part of it!) and Bàltics, Ukranians, and Caucasians should stop having that paranoid and irrational hate against Russia. People who do not know the history of all these countries should not comment here. Last, but not least: Hitler killed people just because of their ethnicity. Stalin did so because POLITICAL REASONS and Russia is way bigger than Germany. So make the numbers.

    • Stalins Cat says:

      Well said that man !

    • Chris says:

      It seems very much like the IDF act in Occupied Palestine – no difference.

  4. der Deutsche says:

    @scott: the russians done the same thing on their way to berlin, raping, scavenging,burning all down.
    The russians were as gruesome as the germans.

    • ayaa says:

      Those that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind.

      • ptc says:

        SSSR started the war – ask in Finland. Germans attacked 3 weeks before Russians plan to attack Germany. And it was in the middle of Poland – divided to german and russian sector. SSSR was already an agressor when war started.

        • ayaa says:

          One sixth of all Poles or Finns weren’t just executed, were they. Thats what I meant.

          • jeffrey pigden says:

            The problem is with dates.
            While records show that hundreds of thousands were killed by the Nazis from ’35 to ’45 (Hitler’s reign), there are NO records for the deaths from ’22 until ’53 (Stalin’s reign).

            • ayaa says:

              The hell kind of white-washing of Nazi warcrimes is this?!!

              Hundreds of thousands? Srsly? Try millions.

              • jeffrey pigden says:

                Really? Millions of Poles or Finns? In all of Europe, absolutely! The exact number, unknown! Even Himmler, who claimed to keep track of this, said 10 million. The B’nai Brith say 6 million. The sign that said that has been taken down at Buchenwald. Despite all the rhetoric, NO ONE IS SURE! The only sure thing, NEVER AGAIN!

                • ayaa says:

                  Not millions of Poles or Finns or even Jews! 15+ million Soviet civilian deaths, together with the 8 million military deaths mean that the Soviet Union lost a sixth of its population.

                  People often talk about the Jewish holocaust, in which some six or seven million were killed. Rarely do they ever recall that more than twice that number, of Soviet non-combatants were killed on the Soviet Front.

                  • ayaa says:


                    didn’t see my first post

                  • Ibn Rushdi says:

                    You are ignoring these facts:
                    A. The Nazis hated the Jews ideologically and announced even before the war that their aimed is to annihilate all the Jews. They did not say nor did it against the Russians, French or Poles, for example.

                    B. Jews had no country of their own to fight for them and protect them. Jews were loyal citizens of the countries in which they lived.

                    C. All European nations cooperated for some extent with the Nazis detection and seizure of Jews; as in every EUR peoples there were few individual (Righteous Among Nations) who saved Jews and risked their own lives.

                    D. The fate of all Jews that were captured by Nazis was immediate annihilated, mostly industrialized murder (factories of systematically slaying human beings). The young and capable people exploited for hard slave labor on behalf of the Nazis which murdered slowly them if physically failed to continue mission or completed it. While at the other hand, Christian compulsory workers although being enforce working in difficult conditions, were much better treated than Jew, and their lives were guaranteed.

                    • hestroy says:

                      Shalom, shalom Ibn Rushdi ! Good try. So only judas suffered, right? This is old good fairy tale. Hitler’s driver was jude, Hitler’s doctor was jude, his astrologer jude. Many judas even served in Wehrmacht.

                      As were Slavs slaves for judas (cca AD 950), they were slaves for nazis.

                    • Abe Bird says:

                      Hestry, Ibn Rushdi is totally right and didn;t meet hus claims.

                      as for your fairy tales about Jews who served Hitler I prefer to leave it rotten in your soul.

                    • Bas H says:

                      A Before the war annihilation of the Jews wasn’t the goal, getting rid of them was. The nazis terrorized them out of the country,taking all their possessions. Unfortunately many countries refused to take in refugees. Read about MS St.Louis and the refusal to absorb more Jews in Palestine by the British and Arabs, incl the mufti.
                      Poles and later Russians were inferior and destined to slavery and extinction. Germany wanted Lebensraum in the east.

                      D You are all accurate except for the Christian arguement. The distinction was racial, not religious, as in Western European were considered fellow Germanic race and their forced labor had better conditions than Slavic people bc of that. Both are Christians, remember? (Jews were a race too, they couldn’t denounce their faith and become non-jewish) Hitler targetted the clergy pretty hard, but at first he tried to win over the Nordic and Western occupied countries. As far as garanteed lives, that’s mad. POW’s had such conditions but no forced laborer. Death marches to stay ahead of Russians included Dutch, French, Scandinavian etc. Clearing body parts and debris with delayed fuse allied bombs ticking in the rubble (Blechhammer for example) certainly got no worker union approval.:(

                  • Patka says:

                    Not enough!

              • Jomre says:

                No records about Soviet crimes, because no one ever gotten into Soviet archives. Hitler’s war reached its end quite quickly, at least for himself, and they never got to liquidate all their archives. However, Germany is located in the middle of Europe, but Russia is largely covered with forests. Lots of possibilities to hide anything – archives, military bases, GULAG camps, etc. Here, however, are still alive people who saw with their own eyes all those gross-out crimes. Kids who peered from under the trees how father and mother, along with his brothers was shot and farms set on fire. Ordinary people, not the Nazis, and not even the Germans, who lived through the Gulag, and came home late. As some of our grandparents and relatives. The records are not available but they will remember this horror end of their days! Moreover, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is no longer a secret. So who then began the war? Do not buddies together? Only one wanted to take an advantage over the other.

          • too much vodka says:

            Actually, it was Poland who suffered the most in terms of percentagze of the whole population: more than 16% of the population died during World War II for the whole Soviet Union this was 13% and for Germany this was 10%. During the short occupation of east Poland by the Soviet Union several hundred thousand citizens were deported, about 150.000 to 200.000 died.

      • JavaZee says:

        “Those that sow the wind, reap the whirlwind”

        OK, I can understand Soviet atrocities in revenge against Nazi horror, but that doesn’t explain why the Red Army, raped, murdered and pillaged its way across Manchuria when the USSR declared war on Japan in August 1945. Its victims were not only Japanese settlers, but also ordinary Chinese, many of whom were communists excited at being liberated by the Soviet forces, until the same Soviet forces burned their villages, robbed their belongings, raped their wives and daughters, and murdered anyone who objected.

        • hestroy says:

          That’s still nothing against the state organized genocide and rape of 100 millions Indians in USA.

          • Araf says:

            “Thousands”? They killed millions, including mass murders of Soviet POWs, Polish civilisna, Jews, Germans who were political opponents or chronically ill or disabled (including disabled German veterans of WWI, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Romani….The list goes on and on. The propaganda is that this was the SS, the Nazi Party, and so forth, and the German Army was pure and chivalrous. Google the Malmedy Massacre, and the book Ordinary Men, for a start at the truth.

          • JavaZee says:

            The context of this discussion thread is World War Two, and the actions of Germany and the USSR.

            However accurate your comment may or may not be, it is out of context with the discussion here.

            Perhaps you could have mentioned the hundreds of thousands of Americans of Japanese ancestry who lost their jobs and property and were incarcerated in concentration camps for no other reason than their race…similar measures not taken against people of German or Italian ancestry!

    • leopoldo brentano says:


    • John Cox says:

      The Russians were much worse. They were animals. Why do you think that the peoples of Europe fled West? They all preferred German to Soviet occupation – including concentration camp inmates.

  5. scott says:

    Yes der deutsche that is all true what you have written. Sadly yes; but let’s not forget who started the whole thing on June 22nd 1941. Do you also realize that in Belarus ALONE: the Germans razed over 1500 villages? And they conducted a campaign of annihilation/extermination on the Eastern Front from the very onset? They were a ruthless, evil nation -period-. Considering what pain and destruction they inflicted on Russia for 4 YEARS, they got off fairly lightly on the receiving end of a vengeful Red Army!

  6. 山下智久 says:

    @manta… very thanks for your reply!where are you from?

  7. CZenda says:

    The pictures are unwillingly showing the true face of the Soviet Paradise. I am sure Koba did not show barefoot peasants wearing rags to the naive communists from the West who made the hajj to their Mekka. It could make them think that even the poorest wino is dressed and eats better in their countries.

  8. der Deutsche says:

    History lesson:
    Hitler & Stalin made a contract to not fight a war against each other and that they will share the countries they invade together!, and now guess who overrun Eastpoland? The russians did.
    The russians did the same the nazis did just with all countries in their reach.
    The last concentration camp was closed in 1945, the last gulag was closed 1959!
    Germany started the war, that’s true, but i nthe end the russians proofed that they where the same bastards, by taking the eye for an eye litereally.
    Swastika or red star, it doesn’t matter the both commited gruesome warcrimes against innocent people.

    • hestroy says:

      Learn some history. So called “eastern poland” was russian land occupied by polish.

      Polish wanted to attack SSSR before WWII.

      Last british concentration camps (their invention btw) in Africa was closed after the WWII.

      Both nazis and bolsheviks were amateurs compared to british. British killed the most people in history of humankind.

      • John Cox says:

        The USSR seized and retained – and still retains – half of Poland. To call this Russian land is absurd. It was Polish land. Russia also seized the Baltic republics and large parts of Finland. Were these also “Russian” lands in your eyes? Your arguments are essentially the same as Goebbels.

        Poland was no threat to the USSR. The USSR was a threat to all of its neighbours, just as Russia is now. Both regimes are as bad as Nazi Germany.

        Concentration camps are fairly common worldwide. Internment of terrorists and their supporters is justified under international law. Soviet Gulags were not.

  9. greg says:

    and no mention of Beria, the penal battalions or the incompetent leadership of Stalin who saw fit to execute all competent Russian commanders before WW2. No doubt because any Russian, patriotic commander would have turned round and shot Beria and Stalin (mingrelian Turks) for their gross incompetence and hatred of the Russian people.

    • ayaa says:

      To quote Babysitter,

      “In fact, “army purges” are more propaganda than serious issue that ruined the army. Overall, less than 10% of officers went through the trials and many of them were just fired but not sent to Siberia or anywhere. Only the highest command had it worse, with 3 of 5 marshals and many komandarms executed. Soviet army had much more significant problems that led to catastrophic year of 41, and the purge was not the most significant one.”

      • greg says:

        I am not convinced. The Finnish really gave the Red Army a bloody nose. Stalin was directly responsible for Katyn. There are plenty of examples of mismanagement and incompetence cropping up because the Politburo shot everyone who was had a brain and who could become an opponent. Can you answer why Stalin didn’t move any army units close to the German-Polish border and actually went into denial about the invasion (at first)??? Stalin was pure turkish mingrelian despot.

        • ayaa says:

          “the Politburo shot everyone who was had a brain and who could become an opponent.” Just because someone “has a brain” doesn’t make them an opponent. Zhukov is a great example.

          The Red Army was being built up for aggression, with high emphasis on the airborne force, with whole army groups being formed up around them. While the airborn excel at launching quick attacks, they were not cut out for a long, protracted defensive war, where they were little more than light infantry. That would explain the sluggish Red Army before the winter of 41/42. As for Stalin, who knows what goes on in the mind of a maniacal mass-murderer.

          “Stalin was pure turkish mingrelian despot.” I won’t disagree with you on that one.

          • John Cox says:

            “the Politburo shot everyone who was had a brain and who could become an opponent” does not suggest that anyone with a brain is opponent. Please read the sentence more carefully.

            There is no doubt that Stalin’s purges caused massive damage to the Red Army, and that this combined with his alliance with Hitler were basically responsible for the war with Germany, and WW2 itself. If the USSR had been stronger, and not allied with Germany, Germany would not have attacked Poland. After all the war was started by a joint Russian-German invasion. It has long irritated me that the Allies did not declare war on the USSR as well as Germany.

  10. Stalins Cat says:

    There was ever only going to be one winner after the cowardly Nazis had raped and pillaged Mother Russia.
    Just ask the people of Warsaw,London,Rotterdam,Coventry,Stalingrad and countless other towns and cities that were bombed to smithereens by the rat faced Nazis,ask them about their feelings on the Red Armys assault on the bullying Nazis !
    The Nazi dogs got their just deserts,revenge was indeed sweet.
    Long live Stalin and the Red Army !!

  11. Greg says:

    I read a book and they summed up the thing very well. Whoever has the most men and resources to fall back on is going to win. In any protracted “total war” if you have a piece of territory that extends from Bielorussia all the way to vladivostok you would need hundreds of millions of troops to fight all the way there (in era before nuke bomb). If Hitler had concentrated on invading the UK and promised Stalin the island of Ireland for keeping out of trouble I am pretty sure that would have worked. A free Atlantic base with low native population for the USSR (who would have left en mass) and the Wehrmacht could have finishedthe job with the UK that is nothing more than a lightweight pumped up with american steroids. London – Coventry would have been obliterated within a month.

  12. Stalins Cat says:

    But we ( The British )battered Goerings ( not so )mighty Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain,when it has to be said,Britain was on the ropes.Hitler had to win the sky over England before the Wehrmacht could ” invade ” they weren’t up to the task and in turn the Charlie Chaplin look-alike turned his attentions to the East and Operation Barbarossa.

  13. Tony says:

    Russian government under Stalin killed more of it’s own citizens,then the Nazi’s did.

    • ayaa says:

      Yes that would be true, if you count a significant amount of those killed by Nazi death squads also as being killed by the Soviets.


      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course.

    • leopoldo brentano says:


      • leopoldo brentano says:


  14. I’ve heard Russians met Germans with bread and salt as liberators during the war because they hated communism but loved Russia. Initially, the Germans were better than the communists, even allowing churches to be reopened(see the pictures).Later, the Germans misteated them,so they turned against them. Anyone know if this is true? I’ll gladly stand corrected if I’m wrong.

    • Chac Mool says:

      True, some Russians welcomed the German army in 1941, but that ended when the SS was left in charge. Their goal was to “colonize” Russia, meaning to exterminate slavic people and enslave survivors (or cage them in “reserves”).

    • Araf says:

      True, especially in Ukraine, where Stalin’s forced famine killed some 4-5 million civilian (mostly peasant) people — they were eating grass, and in some cases each other, because Soviet police and soldiers confiscated all their food and shipped it elsewhere. See: “Holodomor”.
      But the whole argument about which was worse, Stalin or Hitler, is pointless. There’s no single measure of evil. If you want to just go by the number of dead, the champion is clearly Mao Tse-Tung.

  15. bob says:

    Not to mention that the Soviets were using burnt earth tactics has they withdrew so that the Germans would not gain anything worthwhile. Those areas were in a very poor state after the fighting.

  16. Ball Breaker says:

    Germans burned farm houses with the people inside. Some people have to thank that the Soviets didn’t behave in the same way like the Nazis.

    • John Cox says:

      Both were bad, but the Soviets were worst. Two main reasons – they were supposed to be the rulers of the country, not invaders – they ought to have behaved better – and the Soviets deliberately killed millions of people, confiscated all land, disrupted economic life, banned the church, etc. There was more freedom under the Nazis than under the Communists. Yes, the Nazis did kill Jews, and some other people. But a lot less than the Soviets did, and not as systematically.

  17. ElenaMD says:

    one of my grandfather, went missing during the war… other grandfather served in the Romanian army, up arms did not take was orderly, came back alive… When the Germans came to the village in Ukraine were kind, if I may say so, as they retreated, They gathered all the people in the big barn, there
    was my mom… but a man came out, he was not a local and said that he is a partisan… People of the Soviet Union did not defend the political system, they defend their homeland. fascism and communism, these modes do not correspond to the nature of man. It is illogical to compare two totalitarian regimes, Both are very bad. I used Google translator.

  18. richard says:

    I wonder about this guy who made his comment who used the term ”shut up. gay” How he would have survived the Nazi occupation and fighting in Russia during World War two?. but then again Russia was ruled by an evil as bad as in Nazi Germany at that time. the Russians had an equally evil Communist Dictator ”Stalin” who murdered Millions more than the nazi’s did.

    • rostit says:

      He’s french so…..he’d have rolled over and presented his anus for nazi pleasure

      • JavaZee says:

        Ever heard of the “Normandy-Nieman” Fighter Regiment? It was comprised of French pilots who volunteered to fight as part of the Soviet Air Forces. While black pilots suffered discrimination in the West, one black French pilot, Roger Sauvage, was personally decorated by Stalin for his heroism, shooting down nearly two dozen German fighters and bombers.

      • Joseph says:

        The Americans REARMED THE FACISTS in both France and Italy before the war ended and after the war. Never ever forget it! What a fucken dispicable cowardly pack of mongrel bastards. In Italy the Americans killed more Allies then they ever did Germans with their famous non stop “friendly fire kills”. Trigger happy shoot and bomb first motto in case they get killed.

  19. richard. says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha!… a few Frenchmen fought in Russia and Spanish, Italians many died in Russian POW camps not many went back to their respective countries after WW2.

  20. SpikeLuu says:

    Dead russian is the best russian. Stalin was the best killer ever! Hitler only a choirboy comparing him. Today Putin is prepairing mass death for his nation, strting war. Go Go Putin GO!!! Dead russians are the best!!!

    It is a pity that Hitler was too stupid to win a war. If he did we had a highway from Lissabon to Vladivostok without speed limit. There was no islamic terrorism, or inhabitants in Europe. Everyone had a work & wealthy.

  21. dmitry says:

    wellcome agane our western friends!!we have a peace of land for all of you!

  22. Gary Allies. says:

    Russia was engaging two thirds of the German army in w.w.2.That’s good enough in my reckoning.

  23. David Casteel says:

    Did anyone notice the ironic caption about (rebuilding) on photo #7? There is a dead man hanging on a post with a sign around his neck. Some rebuilding, I’d say!

  24. JavaZee says:

    Sorry, but you have miscaptioned two photographs in this series.
    The picture at page 23 is not a Nazi tank, but a knocked out Soviet T-35 heavy Tank, and the soldiers at page 29 are not Nazis, but Soviet Prisoners of War being offered succour by Soviet civilians as they are being led to (probably fatal) captivity.

  25. Duke Elling says:

    Pic.23 is a Russian tank. Text with this picture is totally bogus.

  26. yorick says:

    to depart from the fact-o-war:
    imho, the lady in the second picture above may or may not be happy about the soldier’s hand grasping after her cleavage…

  27. Tom Van Meurs says:

    When the war ended I was 15 years old, so I remember it well. My father was a member of the underground and we helped Jewish people to escape Nazi persecution. We went through the “hunger winter”. We lived in the west of a Holland. We hated the Germans, my father was very fanatic. We listened secretly to the BBC we were not allowed a radio. My father built one himself. Having said all that I must in all honesty admit that the ordinary German conscript were friendly towards us. They were the special SS , SA units the Gestapo and the Dutch Quislings who were to be feared. They committed horrible crimes. Actually the same as today the ordinary Americsn is a decent fellow. They are the extremist, the fanatics that are to be feared.

  28. Tom Van Meurs says:

    When the war ended I was 15 years old, so I remember it well. My father was a member of the underground and we helped Jewish people to escape Nazi persecution. We went through the “hunger winter”. We lived in the west of a Holland. We hated the Germans, my father was very fanatic. We listened secretly to the BBC we were not allowed a radio. My father built one himself. Having said all that I must in all honesty admit that the ordinary German conscript were friendly towards us. They were the special SS , SA units the Gestapo and the Dutch Quislings who were to be feared. They committed horrible crimes. Actually the same as today the ordinary Americsn is a decent fellow. They are the extremist, the fanatics that are to be feared.
    No, no I have NOT said that before. You are blocking my comments.!!!

  29. Vit Sein says:

    Nazi’ s power was criminal . Not too important from that point how many people have been killed 30 mln or 40 mln. Regarding the Russian’ s victims , I’m not sure what is the source of the statistics. First number issued in USSR was 20 mln. Now 28 mln has appeared. Probably Russian officials just compared the number of the population before the war and after the war. Of course natural growth during the war was deeply negative, because all men were combating with Germans.

  30. BRIAN J REISS says:

    I found it interesting that a photo was reported that the Germans were building and erecting power poles. Funny thing was if you look very closely you will see a man hung from that pole! So much for good works!

  31. Krysyo69 says:

    Yes,very kindly and gentlemen these nazis.They came to save the Europe from Stalin and nobody did understand their purpose,I’m so sorry.But we are very very lucky “Deutschland uber alles” because we have again the Deutschland to the leadership of Europe and with mother Merkel everybody will be safe.And remember we are only pawns of the empires(Deutschland-Germany;U.S.S.R.;Russia;U.S.A. and the others that will come after)Doesn’t matter:MONEY & POWER.

    • Jomre says:

      Much better than damn communist-stalinists !!! By the way Merkel has nothing to do with right-wing. This bitch is strictly lefty-liberal!

  32. Constantin says:

    Basically, bullshit !

  33. Info says:

    This is all bullshit. In my grandgrandmother’s home live several german soldiers. They giving to all children around chocolate, meat conserves, bread. When russians coming back again they robering citizens and expropriate all food and clothes.

    • Jomre says:

      Well said. That’s how it was. Least most of the time. Germans had good supply and here farmers had enough food. So they exchanged food and things. Most of the time Germans gave to children chocolate, harmonicas and other such a things. Peasants gave to Germans eggs, milk and so. Contact was good and everybody was happy. Before, when soviets was here, sitation was quite different. They were brainwashed that we are all here kulaks-class enemies and enemies of the soviet people. We all need to be deported, liquidated-wipe out. So they took without asking for anything, raped, torqued, killed and burned down everything. When Germans game then we gladly joined the military and went after soviets to revange.

  34. Philip says:

    Is it me or as depicted in this picture they are stating the Germans were trying to improve Russian life styles but there is a man strapped to the post!! Really good way to bond with the community.

  35. Rastus says:

    I see your picture #7 gives a new twist on just hanging around for some poor fellow.

  36. Poland says:

    The most of this pics was take in west Poland, in 1939 Hitler and Stalin had agreement to cut Poland.

  37. Hagai says:

    I don’t get it…the caption reads “basically in many Russian cities Nazi government was trying to higher the civilization standards. They were opening shops, cafes, building roads and electicity poles” but the picture shows a civilian executed by hanging from an electricity pole! is this sarcasm or idiocy?

  38. avramijevdan says:

    This is so high on a shi*ometer. Very, very high. Congratulations, you actually succeed in raising the shi*ometer bar that was already high. Who is financing this site? Kasparov?

  39. homer says:

    There are some mistakes in the texts. The idea behind attacking soviet union was to expand germany to the east and gain control over resources. As the nazis were absolutly into genes, they saw russians different, depending where they lived. While the most western parts of russia were still seen as human beings, this wasn’t the case the more they got east. Therefor, there were 2 strategies for after occupation that were executed immediatly: Ukraine and other areas in the west should supply german army and economy. The more they got to the east there was absolutly no interest in keeping the population alive. There are a lot of documents about the time and I think it is not a big thing to make to research articles.

  40. George says:

    How thick can you get? Not all German soldiers were Nazis but the fact some of them might have shared the odd joke with a conquered civilian doesn’t mean the Nazi regime was not the most muderous in history. Who’s paid for this? Goebbels?

  41. John Cox says:

    A lot of people get killed in wars. And Germany wages war ruthlessly. But more people were killed under the Soviets than under Nazi occupation. That is why the people of Europe mostly preferred Nazi rule to Soviet. Even in France the locals feared the invading Americans more than the Germans.

  42. DunPeal says:

    what kind of bullshit pseudodoc is this? not nazi but german soldiers this is the first manipulation. on #4 there is guy hanged on the pole, and germans are show as those who bring the light. wtf who is this guy

  43. N says:

    Of course your forgetting all the forced prostitution and the hundreds of thousands of women of women that went missing in occupied territory to be funneled into Nazi brothels

  44. Jomre says:

    Or soviet leaders brothels? Who raped and perpetrator more?

  45. Paul says:

    Calling German soldiers Nazi shows that the author has lack of knowledge. Most german soldiers were ordinary people and not Nazi party members.
    I know some old Ukranians here in Australia and in the Ukraine, they said they were celebrating the arrival of the Germans.
    Nsays forced prostitution and funneled Nazi brothels, give us some evidence and not just Hollywood propaganda. No doubt in every war there is prostitution in occupied territories but going by actual witness that I personally met from occupied Ukraine and Russia there was prostitution but no forced prostitution into Nazi brothels.
    Maybe Nsays is thinking of the Vietnam war, there was prostitution not forced by the occupying forces but buy local pimps
    Interesting pictures really

  46. J.Stallier says:

    Is this article also available in English?

  47. havyarimana says:

    What we know it is that Nazis decimated people,world. Different wrong things arrived in this world and traumatized generations.Now we want that those dark never arrive again in this world.We were thinging that UN was created to protect world,but what arrived recently in Alep show us that world is far to be protected.the power nations let people to be decimated but sing everyday” democraty”,” human rights”.America and Europe are securized,what about other areas of the world. The power countries start directly or indirectly the wars and crises by exploiting the naturel sources in those countries and let citizens to be decimated by offering arms to the people antogonist to the regim

  48. Issac Maez says:

    This was a great story , Thank you so much

  49. nathan says:

    Ordinary soldiers of Wehrmacht can be understood but that’s a sick text. There was “einsatzgruppen” other than Wehrmacht and they made so many war crimes against humanity. Better to watch the movie of 1985 “Idi i smotri” to understand. Nazis were bastards and even some of the regular soldiers were included in this crime on occasion. Simply: they were not innocents, they were invaders.

  50. Kate says:

    The scale of Liar is frightening ,signed under these photos!!!Since “Germany was so good”- why the Russians were “National War” as the most sacred duty to the Homeland? Dead bodies of murdered millions of Russians – 20 million! – look at how you are faking history and whitewash the Germans! !A terrible shame for you!

  51. howard knoth says:

    one day israel will take revenge on germany , the holocaust will never be forgotten. also russia killed as many, but the wandering nation has settled in the land that was always israel.

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