4 Former Airfield Protasovo

Former Airfield Protasovo

Posted on April 13, 2012 by team

It is another abandoned military unit, this time with a former airfield Protasovo in the Ryazan region.

The airfield was initially used to store training L-29 of Czech production. They were used by students of a military school they used to call “the school of kamikaze”.

The town is still inhabited but there are no citizens connected with aviation anymore, mostly representatives of the former Soviet republics.

The airfield seems to be working somehow too, here stand: An-2 and two units of Mi-2 in a doubtful condition, some sports aircrafts and few small helicopters of business class. On land only a couple of hangars and an aerodrome control tower are used.


Lack of screws

Control tower



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  1. Apu Gupta says:

    “Sources of infecting women with gonorrhoea… 4% – roommates, 16% – husbands…”

    80% should say casual encounters

  2. mukmika says:

    The welding on some pipework is very messy, I would never have allowed it. Otherwise, this is an interesting post..

  3. Kent of Sweden says:

    Instruction how to use…boots!
    Looks more like “Instruction on how to repair boots” At least to someone who does not know a word of Russian, but has watched his grandfather repair boots many years ago

  4. specio says:

    I have to admit, this picture of boots on stairs is amazing. Nice idea :)

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