8 Skating on the 400 km Ice!

Skating on the 400 km Ice!

Posted on April 12, 2012 by team

These guys were dreaming to see the pure ice of Baikal, touch the sacred place of Siberia, feel the power of the lake and enjoy its beauty. And skate along its ice, of course. It took them less than 2 weeks to overcome 400 km on skates. And it was the best winter adventure!







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8 responses to “Skating on the 400 km Ice!”

  1. John says:

    One of the most facinating sets of photos I have ever seen

  2. reznor says:

    I agree! beautiful, beautiful beyond words

  3. JohnnyBGoode says:

    Beautiful set of pictures!

  4. dred says:

    I’d bang that girl in a second! She is hot.

  5. Mursu1 says:

    Breathtaking pictures. Is there high-res versions anywhere?

  6. A.Oscar says:

    Amazing pictures and panorama of the greater Baikal Lake: the bigger fresh water lake in the world. A.Oscar

  7. Majkl says:

    Amazing! I like that…

  8. Edward says:

    Absolutely breathtaking pictures of the ice.

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