0 At the Kuznetsk Coal Basin

At the Kuznetsk Coal Basin

Posted on April 12, 2012 by team

We are in Kiselevsk – a little mining town near Novokuznetsk, at Mine №12 – one of the oldest enterprises of the Kuznetsk Basin that has been working since 1917. Here, you’ll see opencast mines and a coal cleaning plant of the enterprise.

Coal cleaning plant

Open pit coal mine


Ways of coal mining depend on the depth of its occurrence. It’s extracted in an open way if it’s not deeper than 100 m. The deepest coal mines on the territory of Russia extract coal from depth a bit more than 1200m in an underground way.

This coal mine has a max. depth of 350 m


Coal has its marking. Depending on a degree of its conversion and a specific quantity of carbon in coal there are 4 types of coal: brown coal (lignite), black coal, anthracite and black lead.

Russia has 5,5% of the world reserve of coal, it is equal to 200 billion tons. In fact it even has 19% but most part of it cannot be processed because it is located in Siberia, in the permafrost region. 70% is brown coal.

Black coal is used in many ways. It is used as household fuel, power fuel, as raw material for metallurgy and chemical industries, also for extracting rare and trace elements from it.

The Kuznetsk coal basin is one of the largest coal mines in the world.
42-45 % of the mined coal goes for carbonization. Its main part is used in Western Siberia, Ural and the European part of Russia. Lately coal export abroad has increased for 41%.

Mine truck KOMATSU with load-carrying ability 90 tons. However they are often overloaded.

When coal oxidizes it emits smoke.


Walking excavator

At night it may be often seen how coal is burning

Equipment works non-stop to fulfill a plan.

Such wheel costs  about 23000 USD so sharp stones are often removed.





KAMAZ looks like a car compared to KOMATSU

50 t BELAZ and 90 t KOMATSU behind it.

Cabin of a walking excavator is like a room: there are a coach, a microwave, a samovar, a washstand and posters with nude girls, of course.

View from its boom, the height – 27m

A welder is repairing the bucket

Here he is!

These vehicles drill the soil and 12 m holes are exploded to make a rock looser and simplify work of an excavator.



When the coal is extracted it is taken to the coal cleaning plant for processing and assortment.


Coal and rock are carried on a conveyor and women (!) separate them. Some pieces are really huge and women help each other. In all other shops work is automated.

Car dumper

Working place of a controller

Loading of coal

Coal warehouse

Location: Kiselevsk

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