4 The Beauty Hidden Underground

The Beauty Hidden Underground

Posted on April 11, 2012 by team

Underground rivers are a part of urban utility services communication that make our life comfortable. But we can’t live in a city full of rivers or canals. Moscow has hundred of them and they are hidden underground in concrete manifolds.

Public utilities do not often do their work as they should and do not control the condition of the rivers. Some car washes, for example, discharge dirty water with chemicals into underground rivers. It may spoil a manifold, soil, ecology.

Neglinka is the most famous river in Moscow, it falls into the Moskva river

Neglinka used to be clean but by the end of the 18 century the population of Moscow grew pretty much and a lot of dirt and trash flowed into the river. After the fire of 1812 it was hidden in the manifold because it simply became stinky. The manifold, however couldn’t manage with the streams of water and floods occured rather often.


Portal where the Neglinka flows into the Moskva

Manifold under Tsvetnoy Boulevard

In the rivers various creatures can be met: wood louses, mice, cockroaches etc. Another kind of life: mould, rootlets, plants.


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4 Responses to “The Beauty Hidden Underground”

  1. albo says:

    Beautiful. Who knew poop could look so good.

  2. Mercal says:

    Enemies of the State (USSR) built these tunnels with slave labor of the country.

    This country is very depressing with no hope.

    • Pete says:

      No hope ?

      The great Russia has more hope than probably anybody. Great natural riches alone guarantee prosperity and progress as long as country stays in hands of Russians, not foreign aggressors.
      Long live Putin – long live Rossiya !

  3. mr.see.cc says:

    Biiiig Drraaaaynes! Love, the Cave Clan, under Melbourne AU since 1986

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