18 In the Name of Peace And Progress!

In the Name of Peace And Progress!

Posted on April 11, 2012 by team

“Let’s conquer space!”

For your attention is a set of nice posters of the Soviet Space Program 1958-1963.

Motherland! You’ve been the first to light a star of progress and peace over the Earth!

Glory to science, glory to labor,

Glory to the Soviet regime!

They were given  a way on the path by the people, the giant and the creator of priceless treasures,

And they stood up, as heroes of new epic,

Gagarin, Titov, Nikolaev, Popovich.

Let there be peace!

Motherland, your mission is fulfilled!

In the name of peace

Socialism is our launching platform

Reporting – the mission is fulfilled

Communist Party of the Soviet Union – Glory!

We are born to make a dream come true!

Glory to the conquerers of the Universe!

I am happy: my labor becomes a part of the republic labor.


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18 Responses to “In the Name of Peace And Progress!”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    “The commune can never go down.
    LEFT!” (Mayakovsky)

  2. mikesierra67 says:

    Which was the profits of space program for soviet people? Glory and beautiful posters.
    Which was the profits of space program for american people? Velcro, microwave ovens, computers… Commercial wealth and technology.
    It’s the difference between capitalist industry and socialist (state) industry: For the firsts the production is for sale in market (people); while, for the seconds, the production is only for politic leaders and army.

  3. mikesierra67 says:

    The child of the 24th poster, have in their hands one plane model powered with a german pulse-jet engine.

  4. 山下智久 says:

    why can’t i see post before?~~~~(>_<)~~~~

  5. A.Oscar says:

    Enigma Global # 53 By A.Oscar In response to this article: to fly in Space and look for any living planet should be a good idea. I have mention about this a few times: and at the beguine seems like no profit from those issues, couldn’t make Russia Citizen reach. For the one’s reading my comment: The only living creature could look after this planet ,only Human beings: but seems like, their do not have a common sense, not either ever pass through of own thoughts about evolutions. Evolutions made by Nature and by human beings, which always change, or transforms into one in another. Men have been the most transformers: in any time the Earth start to be habituated, if wasn’t been putted by Aliens. Let’s be honest to each other once and for all: The Earth or planet is through into a major catastrophe’s: some of them scientists have been ignored, or being paid to ignore in behalf of wealth. Year after year human beings: increase the behavior of greed, and for the same reason wars. I never heard any physics claim about the progress in destruction of the Earth. We all living creatures are towards calamity in many ways, just look behind our time’s, to do with such progress of climate change, and increase every year the speed and temperatures of climates. And earthquake’s into tsunamis, moister and more snow and at the same time more drying and rain. Nothing we could saying his normal any more. I cannot be to explicit about it, because I’m writting a book about it. Just think about of human ignorance: invented Weapons of Mass Destruction : or anything to do with Nuclear: twenty thousand of those weapons, enough to change the Earth in many ways, inclusive anything liquid like Oceans into in land the way used to be thousands years ago. Do not forget even if men not interfere with Nature: evolution will continue transformations from temperatures of hot into cold, or vise verse. That in evolutions: change solids into liquids and into gases, and vice-verse into many types of gases, liquids and solids.

    Those progresses’ do not mean be all good for any living creature : also real bad, and it’s more towards a collapse from many catastrophes and may a nuclear war, both are close to human beings destruction. I heard about world order coming towards us: those so many thoughts in human beings could be possible, the only problem, humans are so stupid with such thoughts that can’t be possible such issues. Do not forget humans are of many kinds: and no one generation wants to be ruled from the other, that already been try many times, with ancient times or medieval into Emperor’s, and what then, change over again or others conquer again. Human’s are with bad temperament towards more bad than good. For a such problems which could appeared at any time: should be terrestrials in another planet to save mankind from a complete instinct or gone forever?12/4/2012 A.Oscar

  6. OLUT says:

    Amazing, beautiful posters. Combine these with the photos of Juri Gagarin, and you can imagine the pride people of the day must have felt.

    And regardless of whether Soviets or even if Americans had these posters, they do fill you with a great sense of wonder, of the future and how much there is out there to see and do.

    (Of course, the reality for SU became staleness and discontent, and ultimately the fall of SU, but I only speak of the posters and that incredible time when the stars were becoming within reach.)

    • D says:

      Real shame that Sergei Korolev doesn’t get the kind of recognition that Gagarin has, he is after all the champion that created multi stage rockets while the americans were still wrestling with wimpy single stage V-2 derivatives and was the one to champion manned space exploration both as a designer of rockets and politician later in life.

  7. javox says:

    naaaa iii loooooveeeed this pictures, im savin them for my own….they were truly pionner on this area….thanks them for all this advances =)

  8. Materializer says:

    In the materialist worldview progress always points “out there” into infinite space. The biggest errors also lead to the biggest achievements. We don’t know the brick wall is blocking us except by running into it over and over again.

  9. tamtam says:

    I love vintage Soviet propaganda posters. They are legitimately cool pieces of art! I would dearly love to have some of these hanging in my home. It would be a real conversation starter when guests come over to visit

  10. Wabbit says:

    Nice posters. Thanks 4 sharing

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