4 Extinguishing The Highest Building In Yekaterinburg

Extinguishing The Highest Building In Yekaterinburg

Posted on April 11, 2012 by team

On 11th of April in the city of Yekaterinburg EMERCOM held training of extinquishing the highest building of the city – 190m and 54 storey skyscraper “Vysotsky”. 66 persons, 14 units of military equipment including 68m hoist and helicopter MI-8 participated in the training.

Conditional victims enter the building

The first fire truck is approaching right along the oncoming traffic lane.


4 Responses to “Extinguishing The Highest Building In Yekaterinburg”

  1. Komissarov says:

    Bronto Skylift; Finnish technology… :)

  2. J. Doe says:

    Thankfully it was only a training. Most of those people look lost. Legs of the folding table are not locked properly in place in one of the pictures. Can you imagine the scale of the calamity if it were a real thing?

  3. UFO says:

    fire on the 51 floor? – you better carry a parachute with ya, because you’ll burn before they’ll reach you

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