10 Tskhinvali: Nothing to Choose From

Tskhinvali: Nothing to Choose From

Posted on April 10, 2012 by team

Unadmitted republic where clannish regime cancels elections, overthrowns and keeps under arrest the legally chosen president, breaks up political meetings, blocks the boarders, arrests and beats oppositionists, trying to keep the power no matter how high the cost is - how does it feel to come here?

Anyone who comes to Tskhinvali for work should obtain accreditation. The customs officers work hard here. They check each bus, but checking one bus goes faster than checking one journalist without accreditation. Central Election Commission is not going to make the same mistakes as during the December elections. They said one vote was priced at 1000 rubles (33 USD), but nobody told who was willing to buy the votes. However police of South Ossetia denies this information, of course.

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"Thank you, Russia!"

Roksky tunnel is a symbolic place, it's not only the boarder between the countries, it's the boarder between the worlds. You feel it physically. On one side is some kind of state: with traffic laws, necessity to fasten belts, notice at the customs "Do not offer gifts!", boarder control, cars examination... the feeling that it works, maybe no so good, but still it does.

On the other side... even no traffic rules... customs is not even mentioned... No state at all. But strong, centuries-old traditions of the Caucasian community.
Everything works only at the level of personal relations and generally accepted standards of behaviour. And only they do not let the powerless republic fall into endless chaos.

Two worlds, two systems, opposite to each other.

Both states, however, give all chances to their citizens for realization any suicidal ideas. Care about safety on roads is like liberal stupidity. Wreaths and tombstones are everywhere.

There are some power structures despite the absence of any state institutions. Their main task is not keeping people safe, of course. They protect power from the angry people. And without state the clannish power acts simply and unpretentiously.


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10 Responses to “Tskhinvali: Nothing to Choose From”

  1. Mercal says:

    The Communist controlled every facet of life, when they failed it was a free-for-all.

    Now corrupt KGB leaders run the country nothing has changed except a new name – Russia.

  2. Mercal says:

    Russia is corrupt with KGB running it.

  3. namedrop says:

    So what´s your point? That the country belongs to the American/israeli colony of Georgia, minus it´s citizens?

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    The fruits of nationalism.

  5. T-Bone says:

    I live in Russia and I think it is a fine place. South Ossetia deserves its freedon.

  6. Vittu says:

    Enough with propaganda already!
    Get real!

  7. wasily says:

    What an anti-Russian article …sorry my english is not well.. You seem to have not been there and seen as the Georgians, along with instructors nato killed Russian peacekeepers and civilians .. I was there and my brother live there. people are very grateful that Russia helped stop the aggressor

  8. Giorgi says:

    No matter what U think.. This is Georgian Land as Abkhazia and every Georgian generation will live and die for it..It would be better to read some real history… I now that reality is cruel for Georgia. BUT… remember that Tbilisi was occupied by Arabs approximately 400 year. Many of you claim that Moscow is third Rome, I’d like to remind you the destiny of the first and the second Rome… U poor bastards …

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