2 Survival Of A Pilot In A Forest

Survival Of A Pilot In A Forest

Posted on April 10, 2012 by kulichik

In January Russian military pilots got a chance to implement their survival skills under extreme conditions in practice. They concentrated on many issues such as survival in a deserted area, obtainment of food, fire and water, etc.

During one year specialists of the aviation base have theoretical classes finding out how to leave a plane with a parachute.

Apart from the theory, every pilot must complete a couple of jumps during the 1st year of education. Otherwise, he won’t be allowed to fly.

According to the legend, soon after the helicopter flies into the air pilots get an alarm indicating there is a fire in the engine which can not be extinguished. Later the 2nd engine is burning again. The only decision is to leave the burning helicopter.

The helicopter took several crews aboard.

Here they imitate a jump from a plane at the height of 100 m. That is how reliability of the parachutes was demonstrated.

The dummy is wearing a gray outfit intended for jumping into the forest and protects from branches and other sharp objects.

Rescuers can provide the escaped pilot with all the necessary things starting from drugs and ending with clothes. If needed, rescuers will land to render the aid.

In this case the dummy is elevated high and aid will be given on the plane.

The pilot is following the steps of the dummy.

As soon as the parachute is opened, the rescuing equipment starts functioning. Thus, a small raft is getting inflated in case the pilot will land the water.

After landing the pilot removes the parachute and uses bright orange smoke to show his location.

The pilot has all the necessary things for survival and can wait for the rescuers calmly. It happens that in severe conditions of taiga they will be here only in several hours or even several days.

After landing the parachute can be used either as a tent or as signaling means.

A real survival camp was launched in Voronezh. The pilots were trying to survive in the forest far from the people and in severe colds (-20 degrees Celsius).

The raft contains uranine, a substance that colors water into bright yellow-green color in case of landing into water. The same powder can be used in the snow as well.

NAS-7M equipment contains a raft, means of communication and signaling, medical aid, food (sugar, salt), etc. The equipment can be used for 3 days.

The radar marker is found by a satellite system. It transfers data to the coordination center and later to the rescuers. The radar has a special membrane not to let it drown in case of flood.

The radio station has a code that connects it to the plane. The station has three working regimen.

Many objects from the kit can be used for many purposes. Different tents can be made out of the parachute. The raft can be used as a mattress. A small box with a lid can serve both as a frying pan and as a pot.

Protective glasses, sugar, aviation knife, matches, signaling mirror and radar marker are available in the kit.

1 kg of sugar or 900 g of vitaminized caramel will help a pilot to take the needed decisions. In flights above the desert the sweets are replaced by 1,5 l of water.

Ammunition, caramel, antenna, dry fuel, dressing material, matches, mirror, salt.

Building a tent.

Signaling fire.

One need to apply many efforts to stay alive in a winter forest. It is possible to make a soup using fir branches and fry rain-worms after that.

It is easy to melt snow in such a can.

If a pilot is on the territory of an enemy, he must stay far from inhabited areas. Otherwise he needs to search for people.

When a pilot sees a plane, he must stretch a parachute on the ground. When a parachute dome is put as a circumference it means that there are injured people here.

Signaling means.

Location: Voronezh

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  1. Testicules says:

    A great skill for all the Russian pilots, in case they ever fight a war against another nation. They will need toknow how to survive when they are shot down.

  2. OldBikr says:

    I suspect that this is a great skill to have, even if you are not at war…Aircraft can fail at some pretty inconvenient times, just ask the two US Navy F 18 pilots who ejected over Virginia Beach lately!

    At least no one was killed when their aircraft landed on the apartment complex.

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