8 Tour To Once Powerful Air Defence Station

Tour To Once Powerful Air Defence Station

Posted on April 9, 2012 by team

This is once powerful and the only air defence station, S-25.

April, 8th was the day of air defence, so we congratulate all those who are responsible for peaceful skies over our heads.

And now let us have a short excursion over the object.

Local surrealistic landscape

Each regiment included a military unit with pads and other rocket infrastructure, and 1,5-4 km away was a radio locator of a sector looking radar indexed as B-200. Each station, having 20 shooting canals, had to provide simaltaneous observation over 20 targets and aim at them up to 20 missiles.


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8 Responses to “Tour To Once Powerful Air Defence Station”

  1. albo says:

    Again, great shots. Were all the guards drunk and passed out?

    Those are big-ass SAMS loaded with propellent and HE. All it takes is a terror group to grab one.

  2. Osip says:

    NATO will now remove this from their secondary target list. NATA thanks you, ER.

    • ayaa says:

      NATO can have every SAM unit in Russia on any of their “lists”. It wont do any good when you reach the “target area” only to find the battery has packed up and moved away.

  3. Mercal says:

    Russia has the most nuclear devices on earth.

    They manufacture the worlds military surplus store of weapons.

    I do not see Russia having a problem defending her resources.

  4. moo says:

    Does do not look like S-25 launchers but first gen S-300 launchers. If i Remember correctly S-25 and S-75 used a rail system and not a cold launch canister system.

  5. Jacni says:

    Where is this place? Coordinates?

  6. rickunnis says:

    I have to go to Russia someday and visit some of these places before I die. If I don’t then I will feel that part of my life was wasted.

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