9 Moscow Cultural Life In November-December 1955

Moscow Cultural Life In November-December 1955

Posted on April 9, 2012 by team

A set of pictures taken by Ed Clark in Moscow, 1955.

House of Leo Tolstoy

Comments of Lenin about L. Tolstoy are kept in the Museum of Leo Tolstoy under the portrait of the communist leader

Coachman of Leo Tolstoy (?)

In the museum of Leo Tolstoy

Director of the estate museum of Yasnaya Polyana – Valentin Bulgakov

People are listening to new records in a store

This Palace of Culture built in 1930 is visited by more than 3 thousand people

Happy boys and girls in costumes at the class of folk dances

Ball room dancing

Choral singing

Playing kids


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9 Responses to “Moscow Cultural Life In November-December 1955”

  1. SMERSH says:

    It takes a bourgeois American photographer to make this prison look good.

    “Moscow Patriarch with Americal priests in Bogoyavlensky Cathedral”
    Can you spot the KGB officers in this series…? The Russian Orthodox Church was completely riddled with them, you know.

    • ayaa says:

      And we are supposed to believe you? Do you somehow have access to ex-KGB personnel archives?

      • SMERSH says:

        Do I? Yes, I most certainly do. Read “Tower of Secrets” by Victor Sheymov and “The Sword and the Shield” by Vasily Mitrokhin. Both are written by KGB defectors. Sheymov was a high level cipher intelligence officer and Mitrokhin smuggled tens of thousands of pages of documents out of the USSR. Both describe how the KGB had completelyinfiltrated the Orthodox church.. both in Russia and abroad. Next I suggest the biography of Stalin by Alex de Jonge. The author describes how Stalin restored the Church as a PR move to placate American church groups who had been lobbying the Roosevelt administration. Except Stalin had installed NKVD operatives at every level of the Church.

        None of these things are secrets anymore. Dozens of scholarly books have been written about the issue by historians both within the former USSR and in the West. I’m always surprised by how little you Russians know about the history of your own country.

  2. sst says:

    Amazing pictures

  3. Rita says:

    There are a lot of photos of Leo Tolstoy, the most famous one are by great photographer – Karl Bulla – http://gavarit.blox.pl/2012/04/Piotr-Bulla-ojciec-fotoreportazu.html

  4. schtuka says:

    That skull drove me nuts in academy. i was getting C till i figured out what i was doing wrong. oh yeah, that clay is cold man.

  5. (r)evolutionist says:

    The height of Soviet culture, science, and social welfare. Not Marxist, but a healthy socialist society. It would only last another 15 years before Brezhnev’s neo-stalinist policies slowed the progress down.

  6. Theebeatnik says:

    I agree with sst.

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