7 Abandoned Shop of Printed Circuits Production

Abandoned Shop of Printed Circuits Production

Posted on April 9, 2012 by team

The guy tried to understand the documentation…

… but failed!

Weighing lamp shades? Why not!

Empty warehouse of ready products


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7 Responses to “Abandoned Shop of Printed Circuits Production”

  1. Mercal says:

    I think Russia to uses CHINA made electronics. Russia has many out of work and shutdown factories.

  2. Theebeatnik says:


  3. javox says:

    amazin pics…no wonder why everythin have to be abandoned…really…at least sell it for crappy metal

  4. ert says:

    In Russia what is below 32mm wrench is nanotechnology. It’s probably biggest problem of entire former Soviet industry.

  5. Tommo says:

    Lenin. Lenin everywhere. No wonder USSR died, people sick of his face

  6. michx says:

    What is “pixelated” in “safe” room ?

  7. Floydr says:

    It’s not abandoned. The electronics factories normally look like that in this part of the world. Everyone is out for borsch’n’vodka lunch.

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