7 Abandoned Shop of Printed Circuits Production

Abandoned Shop of Printed Circuits Production

Posted on April 9, 2012 by team

We are back in Kiev, at the abandoned shop of printed circuits production.

The guy tried to understand the documentation…

… but failed!

Weighing lamp shades? Why not!

Empty warehouse of ready products

Civil defense

Printed circuits production line itself

When production is automated it looks like this: the circuit is drawn first, then a template is made with help of some photo-aggregates to subsequently become the basis for etching-out.

Etching out machines

In some rooms a mess can be seen

Others look neat

Location: Kiev

via lana-sator

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7 Responses to “Abandoned Shop of Printed Circuits Production”

  1. Mercal says:

    I think Russia to uses CHINA made electronics. Russia has many out of work and shutdown factories.

  2. Theebeatnik says:


  3. javox says:

    amazin pics…no wonder why everythin have to be abandoned…really…at least sell it for crappy metal

  4. ert says:

    In Russia what is below 32mm wrench is nanotechnology. It’s probably biggest problem of entire former Soviet industry.

  5. Tommo says:

    Lenin. Lenin everywhere. No wonder USSR died, people sick of his face

  6. michx says:

    What is “pixelated” in “safe” room ?

  7. Floydr says:

    It’s not abandoned. The electronics factories normally look like that in this part of the world. Everyone is out for borsch’n’vodka lunch.

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