9 More Photos of Russkiye Vityazi

More Photos of Russkiye Vityazi

Posted on April 8, 2012 by team

More photos of “Russkiye Vityazi” (“Russian Knights”) who have recently turned 21 yo. The first post from Kubinka is here.


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9 Responses to “More Photos of Russkiye Vityazi”

  1. commissar paul says:

    more please! great jet photos!! Can’t get enough.Thanks.

  2. 山下智久 says:

    the F-35 of US is trash,we have all new J-20 jet!

  3. Alvis says:

    Wow Aviator watches brand on the jet. I have one of the Aviator watches. Good stuff

  4. Apu Gupta says:

    the question is: does anyone know what is that Boeing OC-135 Open Skies doing there?

  5. karadakid says:

    Can someone explain the purpose of the multiple holes in the helmets of the russian pilots?

    • ayaa says:

      1) To allow air to escape from within (ventilation??)

      2) To relieve positive pressure, useful in case they have to eject at high-speed.

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