15 New Life For Grand Vitara

New Life For Grand Vitara

Posted on April 7, 2012 by team

Sleepery roads and ravines, and even discs are yellow now from sand or clay…

What can be done with the crossover?

It was “Niva” to transport the vehicle here..

Good it has a ladder-frame integrated into the body

Serious damages

That’s how it looked when was delivered

Quite miserable…

from all sides…

“Donor” was found in Moscow


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15 Responses to “New Life For Grand Vitara”

  1. marked one says:

    nice job, just wondering about crashtest with so much of welding…

  2. Alex says:

    real talent

  3. Arthur says:

    Note to myself : Never buy a used car is this kind of country LOL.

  4. turist says:

    in terms of time vs. money, it must have been a long winter…

  5. zx10R says:

    I saw documentary about Russian car buyers which are getting from USA auctions completely wrecked non-restorable cars, even with blood over interior and then using professional Lithuanian mechanics making such Frankensteins and selling for big profit in Russia as low mileage cars, even saloons do that. Worst thing is that always this is Russian roulette and can never tell what past you used car has.
    I wish really big luck to this car’s next owner. Such “fedja” garages should be banned and sentenced.

  6. ptc says:

    Used car, first owner, never damaged, never repaired, like new :-) Great deal.

  7. (r)evolutionist says:

    West Texas roads can be very “sleepery.” Looooong distances without anything but dry land. Not that I’m complaining; just turn up my radio.

  8. YJ says:

    If you could do all that by yourself, then it’s not a bad idea to go about it and fix your car that only cause your time.

  9. Minas says:

    Pretty good quality work, when I used to sell used cars in California I seen a lot crappy work done and some of those dealers knew how crappy the work was and still sold them for a lot more then the cars were worth. If everything is properly welded and done to spec the car will show same safety characteristics in a accident. Just remember when buying a used car to examine them carefully there are professional repairs like this and there are people that try to fix stuff like this in there garage during there free time.

    • w says:

      “If everything is properly welded and done to spec the car will show same safety characteristics in a accident.”

      WRONG. Welded joints will generally be stronger if anything and will affect the engineered crumple zones of modern cars making such repairs potenially unsafe no matter how good the final product looks.

      • Cucumber says:

        Please, do not belive, that car was rebuild according to ANY spec. It is private garage, I am absolutely sure, minimum investment was done to rebuild it. Target is only one – sell it as high priced as possible with minimum costs.

  10. Sunday guest says:

    OK where is the point? I not understand…really. Some one spend a lot of time to rebulid this car. Spend lot of many for new parts etc, and I dont belive that all was cheaper than buy another brand new car.

    • Minas says:

      Parts arnt new they are recycled. The car is usually purchased from auction or maybe a customer brings it in so the initial investment in the car is very little (compared to a new car). When you add everything up it still comes out to around 65% of a new car value.

  11. T says:

    Damaged car plus stolen parts = profit

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