8 Warship Caesar Kunikov

Warship Caesar Kunikov

Posted on April 6, 2012 by team

We are in Sevastopol, the city where fleet has always been so significant.
And this is a big asault ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation "Caesar Kunikov".

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"Caesar Kunikov" (BDK-64) - a big assault ship of project 775. It's a flat-bottom decker with a focsle and an enlarged aft superstructure. According to its construction it is a ship of "Ro-Ro" system with a tank deck along all its length.  Its main purpose is accepting caterpillar, wheeled machines, other military transport equipment and rifle units, their transportation by sea and disembarkation through the open aft end structure, launch of floating equipment through the same structure.
Warship "Caesar Kunikov" is a part of assault ships division 197. There are 4 warships, apart from "Caesar Kunikov", they are: "Novocherkassk", "Yamal", "Azov".
In 2008 the warship participated in the war in South Ossetia as a part of the Black Sea Fleet.

The ship is in an operating condition so it cannot be easily attacked. At the ladder a fighter of a counter-terrorism group is always on duty.


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8 Responses to “Warship Caesar Kunikov”

  1. laurent says:

    Excellent photographies as usual! Thanks.

  2. Mister Dog says:

    Very interesting. I was stationed on two tank landing ships in the US Navy so I’m very familiar with this type of ship. I’m trying to figure out what the console on the bridge to the right of the lee helm is. Ballast control?

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Which photo?

      • Mister Dog says:

        The one that says “Pilot bridge. Сhartroom and pilot-house are here”

        The console in the foreground is the lee helm, the engine controls. I’m thinking the one to the right may be ballast control. Beaching a ship involves moving a lot of water around between different tanks to get the right trim.

        • jeffrey pigden says:

          Looks right but I can’t make out any labelling. Location makes sense as well. Ship is a stern loader so well deck control needs to be front & center for the Captain. There is a similar panel in the engine control room for fuel, I suspect.

  3. Osip says:

    “Flatware samples, no others are allowed”
    So, smuggled contraband flatware is a problem on Russian navy vessels?

  4. Jeremy says:

    Great set of pics, I love this site.

  5. arkhangelsk says:

    I am amused by how the air conditioner is installed crooked in the wardroom :-)

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