4 Abandoned Assembly Line of Filtration Units

Abandoned Assembly Line of Filtration Units

Posted on April 6, 2012 by team

Filter-ventilator unit is a necessary attribute of a civil defence shelter.

The unit can function in two modes – in the mode of pure ventilation and ventilation with filtration. Its main elements are oil filters and filter boxes.

In this post you’ll see remains of the filtration units assembly line and the laboratory where they tested filter boxes.

So the filtration units assembly line and testing lab my be in one building together with the room where they pack ready items into boxes.

The filters of respirators are different in colors. The color indicates substances the box can detain. Filters in shelters are usually green, more seldom – yellow.

All rooms are equipped with good ventilation.

Components of the filter-ventilator aggregate

Inside the filter consists of black dust and dusters wound round in layers.


Some stove


Here the filters are soaked in baths.

In general the production line is in a poor condition, some parts were dismantled, so it’s hard to define sometimes what funsctions this or that part has…

Вообще, состояние линии производства с учетом частичного демонтажа весьма скверное, поэтому крайне сложно понять, на каком участке что именно делалось. Но зато понятна функция этих электромашинок

Central cores of the filters on which dusters are wound.

This is how they look with dusters.

“Lenin lived, lives and will live!”




Seems someone has been recently here

Switch room


Mercury spilled on the table


“Name of a chemical on a package is necessary”

The unit that is used to blow through a sample of a filter box.

A bigger one with the same function.

What a mess!



“Poison”… Would you dare to enter?

Bottled pyridine

It seems as if people have just left the room in a rush.


Conference room

Executive producer room

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  1. George Johnson says:

    Interesting, just about everywhere you see those Lenin posters, you see failure. Abandoned buildings and companies and housing…

  2. Luke says:

    annoyingly thoes large “coffee can” filters, pictured in the first pic) contain asbestos and are unsafe for use, so half of my filter caché must be throw away

  3. YJ says:

    Another of one of those radiated place.

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    be an awesome squat

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