7 Air Exercises In The Ryazan Region

Air Exercises In The Ryazan Region

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In September 2011, airborne troops held air exercises in the Ryazan Region. The exercise included landing of 700 paratroopers and 6 units of military equipment. After that, they practiced capturing the maneuver enemy.

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  1. Kekkonen says:


  2. Roach says:

    I don’t know why they switched from Flora, which seemed like a perfectly good camo. The US did the same thing (though even worse) in the form of ACU. The human eye has not changed in the last 20 years; a good splotchy multicolored camo pattern still works pretty well. The new “digital flora” just looks like olive drab from a distance.

    • bobb says:

      It’s effective. Your eye is watching a crappy digital picture, it’s not the same as your eye watching the real thing. I have this very uniform, and it’s amazingly effective in wooden / green terrain. Much more so than the flora. Moreover, the main advantage is very low detectability at night. Digital camos over the world were made from serious scientific studies, and are effective. USA camos are great and effective, even if the UCP (not ACU) don’t work in wooden area. USMC MARPAT works well

  3. Testicules says:

    Remember! Drop the tank first!

    • ayaa says:

      No one in their right mind would ever drop a TANK from any altitude.

      As for the BMD-s (which are the vehicles that remotely look like tanks), whats the purposes of dropping them first. They would still need a crew to operate, and until the crew lands, its nothing but a sophisticated hulk of metal. Thats why the crew usually jump first. By the time they get free of the para rigging, the BMD will have touched down and they can get down to business.

      • Testicules says:

        I guess you never saw the A Team.

        • ayaa says:

          Actually I did see it (the 2010 or smthng movie, not the 80s series).

          But atleast I know the difference between a movie and real life.

          The whiplash of a BMD as it leaves the aircraft is so strong that it can easily kill the crew. And the BMD-3 weighs around 13 tons. A T-90 weighs in at 48 tons. The whiplash could so so strong as to rip the turret off.

          Since no ones ever tried being in a tank as it is dropped from the plane, we’ll have no idea as to what shape the corpses will be in.

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