8 To Inspire The Home Front

To Inspire The Home Front

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Everything for the front – everything for the victory! Collective farm workers, donate for aircraft and tank construction!

We present Soviet placards aimed to raise the spirits of those working on the home front during World War II.

Talkativeness means wasting time. Keep your mouth shut at work!

Comrade! Check if you did everything you could to help the Red Army. Donate warm clothes for warriors. Everything for the front – everything for the defeat of the enemy!

Comrade! Remember! If the soldier is warm, he will fight with the enemy more passionately.

Save every ton of fuel possible!

Direct all powers of the home front to the front!

My work has been mentioned in this round-up too!

Worker! Provide the army with more shells for a swift victory.

Harvesting is a hard blow to the enemy!

Defective goods are the enemy. Down with defective goods!

The country needs electricity. Those wasting it are embezzlers who are doubly to blame!

High-powered work practices are the stronghold of the defense power of the USSR!


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8 Responses to “To Inspire The Home Front”

  1. Richard says:

    So much Soviet propiganda, same as the USA, all bull crap for the war machines, and who lives and makes money….. the war machine…

  2. ptc says:

    German war propaganda look almost same…..

    • West-Europe says:

      Thats because the Germans where in the same situation as the Russians. The propaganda from the German NSDAP was almost the same because the NSDAP was also considered to be a party for the people. Only they didnt kill the kulaks, but the jews/homosexuals/romas.

  3. scud-werfer says:

    great pictures, thank you!

  4. greg says:

    yeah and then a massive rape campaign by the Red Army across East Europe. If the USSR wanted efficiency they could have started by shooting Stalin. Slowly. With flint tipped arrows dipped in dog excrement.

  5. (r)evolutionist says:

    Stalinism=conservatism, patriotism, nationalism; all anathema to communists.

  6. Osip says:

    No “Raisa the Riveter” poster?

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