3 Soviet Chronicles Of 1961 According To Life Magazine, Part 2

Soviet Chronicles Of 1961 According To Life Magazine, Part 2

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We keep telling you about events that happened in the Soviet Union in 1961 as described by Life Magazine. Click here to read Part 1.

May’s Day, 1961.

“Lenin, Stalin”.

A tactical missile launcher.

A military parade was held in front of the Mausoleum on Red Square.

Minister of Defense R. Malinovsky.

A gymnastics display on Red Square.

Participants of the demonstration.

“USSR Vostok”.

Moskvich Director V. Polyakov. (Moskvich was a factory manufacturing cars).

A female operator of the automatic sorting machine.

“Communism is meant to win”.

Female assemblers.

A lunch hour at Moskvich.

One of the workers of the factory.

A monument to J. Stalin situated on the factory’s territory.

The factory produced both real and toy cars.

Female workers of a factory producing watches, Moscow.

A bearing plant in Moscow.

A lady sorting out bearings.

A machine-tool plant.

A worker of its assembly shop.

An assembly line.

Eddie Fisher and wife Elizabeth Taylor arrive in Russia to attend Moscow’s movie festival.

Ballerina Anastasia Stevens (on the left), Eddie Fisher and actress Selestina Yasimova.

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher with Soviet actors and actresses.

Elizabeth Taylor attends Moscow’s movie festival.


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  1. 山下智久 says:

    Leader of both the world’s working class and Communist Internationale — Ten thousand years of life to Stalin!

    • too much vodka says:

      Didn’t you mention that they buried Stalin on one of these photo’s. Probably under a good thick slab of concrete to be sure he wouldn’t start his mayhem all over again.

  2. The worker watching the clock-priceless!

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