5 Federation Tower Fire In Moscow

Federation Tower Fire In Moscow

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A fire broke out at Moscow’s Federation Tower on Monday, April 2nd. The fire was graded 4 on the 5-point complexity scale. The ignition occurred on the 67th floor of the Federation Tower, presently under construction. The blaze spread to an area of 300 square meters. 2 fire-fighting helicopters and over 80 fire engines were involved in the operation. Fire-fighters had to use  staircases to get to the 56th floor as the tower is still under construction and there are no elevators in the building. The fire was extinguished around midnight. There is no threat of the building collapse. No one has been reportedly injured.

The under-construction skyscraper is planned to be Europe’s tallest building. The tower, when completed, is to be 360 meters tall.

“View of the Motherland for sale”.


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5 Responses to “Federation Tower Fire In Moscow”

  1. skopeil says:

    moscow look nice in the night view..

  2. too much vodka says:

    A nice torch.

  3. Sergey says:

    Wow! The seventh photo supergiant lamppost! Above the skyscrapers!

  4. Hirsh says:

    Federation Tower = FAIL!

  5. xmz says:

    The roof, the roof is on fire….

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