3 The Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant

The Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant

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In short, a nuclear power plant is a large boiler. Boiling water heated up to 270 degrees Celsius goes to the reactor where it cools fuel rods with pellets of uranium inside. It goes out with a temperature of 276 degrees Celsius. Part of this water evaporates and the steam rotates the turbines. This is how electricity is produced.

Let’s visit the only nuclear power plant built under the conditions of the permafrost. It is located in Bilibino, the Chukchi Autonomous District.

About 700 people work at the power plant.

It is guarded by military men who check passports and cameras of all people entering the power plant.

“Evacuation plan”, “Shelter – 18 m”.

This is the entrance leading into the shelter. Yet they say it is closed and no one knows where the key is.

In the chief engineer’s office.

Putting on special overalls.

Workers of the nuclear power plant have their personal dosimeters which get zeroed once a month.

This is where they leave their dosimeters after work.

“This is the one responsible for safety”.

In this department there are turbines that turn steam into electricity.

Water pumps.

A control center.

Circuit breakers.

In this department they ask their visitors not to raise their hands.

The main control center.

All these signs say “Do not turn on! People are working”.

A power supply plan.

Behind this door you will find four nuclear reactors.

The reactors are hidden under those red circles. On the left are the fuel rods.

Spent fuel is kept here, in special shafts.

One of the four reactors.

This reactor is not working right now so it’s open.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

The closer you come, the louder your dosimeter cracks.

These pictures show how the covers of the reactors can be lifted.

Those leaving this department get scanned.

“The Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant”.

Location: Bilibino

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3 Responses to “The Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    This plant was helped constructed by volunteers from the Communist Union of Youth! And the religious icon on the wall ain’t gonna help anything (or anyone).

  2. crf says:

    are they fuel rods or control rods on the wall?

  3. Claudio says:

    Increible!!!, verdaderamente asombroso!!!. Es la primera vez que puedo ver como es un reactor nuclear por dentro. Por mas que me guste la informatica, aeronaves, barcos y el espacio, esto me ha gustado y he aprendido muchisimo!. Gracias Staff de EnglishRussia!!!.

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