7 Abandoned 19th-Century Factory In Saint Petersburg

Abandoned 19th-Century Factory In Saint Petersburg

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Half of this factory built in the 19th century is abandoned. At first it produced pipes, exploders and measuring devices thus greatly contributing to the country’s victory in World War II. Later it switched to producing high-precision instruments used in the field of science and war industry. During the 90s, the number of orders reduced and the factory had to wait to be paid for years which caused closures of some of its departments.

We are in one of its office buildings. There are all kinds of documents here.

The building has preserved that atmosphere of the Soviet Union. Look at this Soviet-style chandelier!

“The Bureau of Labor and Wage”.

Dead flowers.

There are a bunch of locker rooms in the building. In some of them you will find workers’ clothes and shoes.

Those are books on state standards and paperwork.

A drawing table.

It’s a terrible mess in this part of the building.

A decision room.

More books on law and labor.

“Grand Gostiny Dvor”.

An aid station.

“Labor discipline”; “Give up smoking!” and “Down with drunkenness!”

Medical records of the factory’s workers.

The office building from the outside.

We are inside another office building of the factory. It’s older than the previous one but looks the same on the inside.

A toilet soap ad.

Some equipment.

This entrance leads into a bomb shelter. Let’s go in!

A conference hall.

These photos were taken during one of the lections held in the conference hall.

First-aid kits hanging on the walls of the shelter are empty.

Another hermetic door.

We are back in the office building.

There are piles of folders in this office.

“The one looking for power in vodka is skating on thin ice”.

One of the shops.

“Please, don’t let the cat out”.

There are no machines left in this abandoned department.

It’s pretty large.

Location: Saint Petersburg

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7 Responses to “Abandoned 19th-Century Factory In Saint Petersburg”

  1. me says:

    Where is this building??

  2. macius says:

    Is it possible to enter that building?

  3. skopeil says:

    many abandoned building in Russia,where there are still full of equipments and furnished, but nobody steal or try to sell those steel equipments..amazing Russia, i really respect them.I wonder if this happened to other countries,we can find all the “missing in action” things in the building..hahaha

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    “A decision room.”: A decision was made to lay-off vast numbers of workers due to “sagging profits”; therefore the inept, corrupt managers retired with full compensation or moved on to ineptly manage another company while the workers were left to fend for themselves in an amoral, heartless system that doesn’t need people; it only needs arms and eyes (and only if those arms and eyes make obscene amounts of money for inept, corrupt managers). And that’s the way it is…

  5. jeffrey pigden says:

    From the age of the building, I’d bet the factory died in the ’70s when Stalinism died.

  6. West-Europe says:

    I want that clock from the 9th picture (the big mess)

    Anyone knows what brand/model that one is?

  7. dukeb0y@hotmail.com says:

    I like that clock too..

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