1 Raft Of Plastic Bottles

Raft Of Plastic Bottles

These guys didn’t know what to do on vacation so they decided to make a raft using a few boards and a bunch of plastic bottles to set out on a voyage. In the background you can
see sacks full of plastic bottles. They paid about $7 to a couple of local homeless people to have them collected. There are about 1,500 empty plastic bottles there.
9 A Country Wedding

A Country Wedding

This glamour-free country wedding became a
holiday for the entire village. Take a look!
13 Is There Any Hope For These People In The Far North?

Is There Any Hope For These People In The Far North?

This village is located right by the Sea of Okhotsk. Fishing and hunting have always been these people's main source of income. Then the fish factory was purchased by a private individual and the number of
people employed reduced greatly. Today there are about 1,700 people living in the village while some time ago it was only the fish factory that emplyed over 2,000. Welcome to Oktyabrsky.
3 In the World of Macro

In the World of Macro

We want to present to you some beautiful examples of close-up
photography by a Russian photographer nicknamed d-a-ck9.
5 Military Exercises For Priests

Military Exercises For Priests

A group of airborne priests made a parachute jump and worked out as part of military exercises held at a military base outside Ryazan. The only difference between regular military
men and priests is their beards and hats. Priests are very brave and some of them have been to Kosovo and Chechnya while others have just learnt how to bale out.
13 Favorite Car Of The Soviet Union

Favorite Car Of The Soviet Union

Unfortunately, Soviet carmakers didn’t have much to offer. However, there were some nice up-to-date cars worth mentioning like the GAZ-M20 Pobeda or the VAZ-2121 Niva, one of the first Soviet compact and
comfortable SUVs made. The GAZ-21 Volga has always had a special place in the hearts of Soviet people and this love is unexplainable. You will never find a person to say something mean about this car.
6 Yalta Zoo Skazka

Yalta Zoo Skazka

Yalta Zoo “Skazka” (Russian for “Fairy Tale”) is the only Ukrainian privately owned zoo. At present more than
120 species of animals can be found in the Zoo, all of which were delivered from all continents of the globe.
10 Be Careful While Unloading Cocrete!

Be Careful While Unloading Cocrete!

How one could be so careless
while unloading the concrete?
6 Institute Of Ionosphere In Kharkiv

Institute Of Ionosphere In Kharkiv

Kharkiv's Institute of Ionosphere is one of the world's leading research centers that studies near-Earth space physics and solar-terrestrial couplings with an up-to-date, most accurate and informative method of incoherent scatter (IS) of radio waves. In 2001, the scientific center named
as "Ionospheric sonde" was registered as the National Property of Ukraine. There are 11 IS radar systems in the world, 5 radars belonging to the United States. They began constructing Kharkov's IS radars in 1966. First experimental results were obtained in 1972.
13 Participants of Miss Belarus 2012 On the Stage

Participants of Miss Belarus 2012 On the Stage

We want to show you photographs of the Miss Belarus 2012 Talent
Competition but first check out its beautiful contestants.

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