4 The Old-Russian-Norwegian Operation Of 1944

The Old-Russian-Norwegian Operation Of 1944

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The Old-Russian-Norwegian offensive operation had been carried out by the troops of the Baltic Front from February 18th, 1944 till March 4th, 1944 liberating the Leningrad Region, the Novgorod Region and part of the Kaliningrad Region and entering Estonia. Over 300 members of military-historic clubs from Kolomna, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Saint Petersburg participated in its reconstruction held in Chernogolovka, the Moscow Region. Check out some photos of the event:


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4 Responses to “The Old-Russian-Norwegian Operation Of 1944”

  1. Daniel says:

    I have read of this operation. It was the largest operation of war ever conducted north of the Arctic Circle. It pushed the German forces south from Murmansk and forced them to retreat south along the Norwegian coast. Of course, they destroyed everything behind them as they retreated. Not so good for the Norwegians.

  2. Addy says:

    Haven´t seen a quad-maxim at reenactment before, that´s wicked!

  3. Misieq79 says:

    And then came Simo Hayha and killed them all

  4. Lee Lindberg says:

    How can someone write things like ‘liberated by Soviet forces’? Soviet and Russia has never liberated anyone, only enslaved other countries.

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