5 Modern Soviet Photography 1987

Modern Soviet Photography 1987

Posted on March 30, 2012 by

This photo exhibition travelled around the world visiting Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France. It was that popular because it revealed what had been concealed from both people from other countries and those from the totalitarian state.


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5 Responses to “Modern Soviet Photography 1987”

  1. Manowar says:

    it’s me, or this site has become ….
    everyone can post every garbage?
    this photos it’s remarcable, but i can post a lot of this that wasn’t made in rusia.
    Give us a comment for the pics.
    I can post 1000 of pics from romania after 2000 transformed in B/W, and it’s the same story: NO STORY.

    • OLUT says:

      I dunno… sometimes a photo doesn’t need a story. These show what life looked like for people back in 1987. Or what their town looked like, etc. You may have lived in a place like this, but for other people who didn’t (like Otis below) it’s fascinating to see differences.

      You say you can post pictures of Romania? I think you should, it would be really neat to see! A friend of mine is from there, she left when she was 10. Seriously, if you ever make a photo post somewhere, be sure and tell us!

      (By the way, English Russia takes their posts from other places on the web. So if there aren’t comments for pictures there, there won’t be any here. I agree with you, I would like to know more about what I see here.)

  2. George Johnson says:

    Dang! That one girl in the tights, man, she needs to mow the lawn! Or braid it.
    You see that big dog wants a tummy rub. I think the St. Bernard wants somebody to rub it’s belly too.

  3. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Wow. Makes me mighty glad I was living in the USA in 1987.

  4. athome says:

    I like the gipsy caravan, great pics!

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