19 Illegal Activities At The Moscow Metro

Illegal Activities At The Moscow Metro

Posted on March 30, 2012 by

The situation got worse since our last report on illegal activities at the Moscow Metro where illegal immigrants sell drugs, fake documents, passports, diplomas, school leaving certificates, etc. Besides, the number of them keeps increasing.

This is a place where illegal immigrants may buy fake work permits, medical certificates and passports and find a job. As a rule, it is something connected with manual labor and low-paid. Their fellow countrymen will also offer them a place to live in (basements or buildings to be demolished).

We are at Komsomolskaya Metro Station. Here policemen carry out clean up operations from time to time detaining most suspicious-looking habitués to check their documents. Scuffles are pretty common here.

It is a well-organized process that involves hundreds of people. It is characterized by a strict division of labor and perhaps brings its masterminds millions in profit.

When the law obliging all newly-arrived immigrants to get registered was repealed, the situation got worse. Today immigrants can stay in the country for 90 days with no registration. Many of them go back to their country to spend there just one day and then return to Moscow.

The Moscow Metro is a very convenient place for a murky business because it’s warm and light in here and it’s always crowded which means you can always escape a police officer when you see one.

Detainees often say their passports have been lost and make up names which makes it almost impossible to establish their real identity in a 2-day period as stated by the law.

“Entrance to the city is closed”.

This very station is occupied by people from Uzbekistan and their monthly turnover is estimated at $200,000. Dobryninskaya Metro Station belongs to people from Kyrgyzstan.

According to police, the situation cannot be improved under the current legislation.

Location: Moscow

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19 Responses to “Illegal Activities At The Moscow Metro”

  1. Daniel says:


  2. IamI says:

    “most suspicious-looking” – well, I envy your policemen to have x-ray eyes… and more seriously – this is always all the same where anything you do needs ‘permission’. That’s how you fill up the black market and the corruption.

  3. Number says:


  4. Gordsky says:

    We have the same problem in America, 13,000,000 illegal parasites who bring with them their crime, drugs, and their dependency on American resources. The Mexican border has seen 24,000 murders by the drug cartels in recent years and it is spreading to the US. Russia will eventually end up supporting them if it takes no action against them now! Take a lesson from America and observe as we ignore the problem. Please send us construction plans for a really large gulag. We need to round them up and ship their sorry butts back to wherever they came from but they have become a political issue here now and nothing will be done!

  5. schtuka says:

    profiling russian style. besides, where would we be without mexicans and rest of central america?

  6. Gordsky says:

    America has the same problem, 13,000,000 illegals by recent estimates. So what is the solution?

  7. mukmika says:

    Countries need to take back control of their borders. Russia is not the only country with problems. Most of Europe and North America has similar problems.

  8. (r)evolutionist says:

    Crime is socio-economic. Classes, crime, and poverty are caused by economic inequality. Did the Soviet Union have such problems?


    • Maxim Ч. says:

      I live in Vancouver, and WE DON’T NEED YOU OR ANYONE ELSE. We need to STOP immigration ASAP. We have three overcrowded cities to which the overwhelming majority of immigrants flock to drive down our wages (the poor) and drive up our real estate prices (the rich): Vancouver, Montréal, and Toronto. MTV

      That being said…if you want to move to the middle of nowhere in Saskatchewan: WE NEED YOU! IMMIGRATE HERE NOW!

  10. Maesrobert says:

    Blame everything on people of other races, on ‘immigrants’, make generalisations about them…. now where have we heard that before?

  11. In a big country like Russia, there’s place for everybody AS LONG AS YOU TAKE THE LEGIT STEPS TO GET YOUR CITIZENSHIP.

    Otherwise, it’s a slap to the face for people passing through the grueling red tape. IM overcrowds the country with the wrong people and brings poverty too.


  12. Akskl says:

    Historically the proper Russian lands are MUCH smaller than Russia’s modern territory – it is only north of the Oka river, which is located less than an hour to drive south of Moscow. Everything south and west of the Oka river are colonized territories. Read for example “The Empire of the Steppes” written by the French academician Rene Grousset.

    • ayaa says:

      Well historically speaking the US is only the original thirteen British colonies, but no one has any issues with Americas current size.

      • Snowbee says:

        Tell that to the Native Americans we stole it from. Seriously, everyone is an immigrant from somewhere. Let people be.

  13. Akskl says:

    Sorry, correction – everything south and east of the Oka river…

  14. cro says:

    “Detainees often say their passports have been lost and make up names which makes it almost impossible to establish their real identity in a 2-day period as stated by the law.”
    Vice versa, Question : who was aressted? Where is he now? Answer : nobody/nowhere
    Problem solved, buahahahahaaaa ( evil laughs )

  15. stolichnaya says:

    Judging by the stares of the young men, they don’t seem to enjoy having their picture taken at the metro station. That photographer had very courageous cojones!

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