10 You Know You Have Been In Ukraine Too Long When:

You Know You Have Been In Ukraine Too Long When:

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In June, the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship will turn Ukraine the center of the sporting life of Europe. Thousands of football fans will come to root for their favorite teams and spend some time in the country. We present 54 signs that you’ve spent too much time in Ukraine and start to behave like a Ukrainian.

1. You put dill on everything. We mean EVERYTHING.
2. You’re not scared of the stray dogs.
3. You know how to shout at taxi-drivers to get a better price.
4. You have two SIM cards.
5. Cyrillic doesn’t confuse you.
6. You understand that if you put your girlfriend’s handbag on the table or (god forbid) the floor – she will probably leave you.

7. You have perfected your own borsch recipe.
8. You can pronounce Dnipropetrovsk without having a seizure.
9. You walk past a litter bin which is on fire and has flames coming out of it, and you think it’s normal.
10. You say “pajowlusta” without thinking when someone says thanks.
11. You only wear a black jacket in winter and think anyone in a sports jacket must be a foreigner.
12. You have forgotten that the fur industry is cruel and inhumane and started to think that fur is glamorous.


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10 Responses to “You Know You Have Been In Ukraine Too Long When:”

  1. heroorora says:

    HAHAHAHA eto prosto prelest, goryasheeye moosorneekee ya vobshe oomer. kacap

  2. Tobbe says:

    Never been there but I’m not confused by cyrillic :)

  3. Don says:

    So i’m on 95% naispravzhniy ukrainyets!

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    Once they had anarchist-communism and Nestor Makhno; Now: capitalism, karaoke, and corruption.

  5. scott says:

    Some of those are very cute! However, many are in Moscow as well…like the sunflower seeds, the “pajowlusta” when someone says thanks. The hot girls clunking around in their high heels, the stray yet brilliant stray dogs….and the dill on everything (fresh of course)

  6. Maesrobert says:


  7. schtuka says:

    sounds like eastern ukraine for most of the points.

    • Western guy says:

      Yes, this definitely doesn’t sound like western Ukraine where I live.
      But anyway, as a ukrainian I laughed a lot, thank you.

  8. OldBikr says:

    Oh, am I Ukrainian too?
    Fine! then just call me Kolya and leave it at that.

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