5 Sapsan Repair Depot

Sapsan Repair Depot

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Let us take you to a repair depot for high speed trains Sapsan.

That trolley is a flaw detector Sapfir.

Some of the words are misspelt on this sign.

The Sapfir’s control panel. It features WiFi.

This vehicle is used to move trains.

A top view of the Sapfir.

A test axis.

“Number of seats: 66″.


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5 Responses to “Sapsan Repair Depot”

  1. George Johnson says:

    And we’re stuck with freaking AmTrack….

  2. jeffrey pigden says:

    They need to move the defective axles AWAY from the good ones. Someone is going to install a bad one into an active train!

  3. sdklg says:

    Anything here made by Mother Russia?

    • Bloodhound says:

      Thats not how it works my man. This is a Bipolar world and i guess every country imports one thing or the other from around the globe. So don’t be a Russophobe, for heavens sake.

  4. jmohan says:

    I was surprisd to see the Repair depot. Spic & span.Either trains are manufatured
    so perfectly none come for repairs.or the workers on strike.At that time the fotos were taken.
    I think it should be the former. Congrats =JMOHAN

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