5 Teeny-Weeny Cold Steel

Teeny-Weeny Cold Steel

Posted on March 26, 2012 by

We’ve told you about people whose hobby is to make mini cold weapons. Today we want to present works by Vasily Knyazhin who must be extremely patient and skillful to create this…


Cossacks’ sabre.


5 Responses to “Teeny-Weeny Cold Steel”

  1. Ted says:

    I like it but the style of knife isn’t my style. I like this better: http://www.artandknife.com/index.html

  2. George Johnson says:

    Nice work.

  3. lbytesxk says:

    where can you buy some these?

  4. pytor says:

    this guy is genius

  5. John : Melbourne : Australia says:

    Very Very Very skilfull, well done !!!!!!

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