4 Retro Cars From Private Collections In Autovill

Retro Cars From Private Collections In Autovill

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Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe, 1949.

Autovill is a museum featuring automobiles from private collections only. It is the only museum that has no fences so visitors could touch and sit in each car they want. You will find no clunkers here. All cars are restored and well-polished.

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The gem of the collection is this 1907 Darracq 18HP Double-Phaeton. It is the oldest car in Russia.

Morris Garage.


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  1. CZenda says:

    The Citroen is DS, not ID. ID had different headlamps. However, rare is not DS, but SM. I only saw it once in my life. It seems even the last “true” Citroens (CX) were shipped to China and melted there already, I have not seen one for ages :(

    • Al says:

      It’s sad because many of those old cars bodies would rust away before the engines died. In America we had a model called the Ford Falcon, built in the early sixties, when I was a boy it seemed one minute there were many, the next, most were gone because of rust.
      Beautiful Chevrolets displayed, and look at that Cadillac, now THAT was a car.

      • Kent of Sweden says:

        If that is any comfort I can tell you that at least one of the two Falcon Futura Sprint 289:s that competed in the Monte Carlo Rally still exists. They were driven by Formula one driver Graham Hill and swedish Racing and Rally driver extrordinare Bo Ljungfeldt. They did not win since that year there was a handicap system in use making it virtually impossible for any car displacing more than 1000 cc to win. However for the rest of his life (he passed away quite a number of years ago) Mr Ljungfeldt was very proud of the fact that he won the last stage of the rally, a stage held at the formula one track in Monaco. After Ford went from Falcon to Cortina i rallying however mr Ljungfeldt purchased the car he had raced and it still shows up a few times every year at swedish rallys (not to compete, just for show)

    • Abyss says:

      My I ask where do you live? Not Europe I guess… I just bought two CXs (one for parts) for less than 1000$. There are quite a few around, I even managed to see 3 or 4 SMs in conventions.

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