1 Turkey Farm In Tatarstan

Turkey Farm In Tatarstan

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Turkey breeding is a troublesome but perspective business. See below to find out why turkeys are better than chickens.

Today, we are going to visit a turkey farm situated outside Kazan.

Approaching the farm.

It is an old Soviet farm that doesn’t look like anything you expect to see there. You won’t find abandoned and half-destroyed buildings or broken equipment there. It’s well maintained and has clean and up-to-date farming machines.

Former owners used the farm for chicken and cow breeding and the farm really was a sorry sight. A few years ago it was transformed for turkey breeding.

Turkey breeding is twice as profitable as chicken breeding and thrice as profitable as pig breeding although it takes solid investments. Turkey is not very popular in Russia and people don’t know it’s much healthier than chicken, has lower calories and fat and is easy to digest.

Turkey you can find in supermarkets is mostly imported from the USA, France, etc. 20 years ago there were several large farms breeding turkeys in the country while there are just a few nowadays.

Not all of the buildings on the farm have been reconstructed yet but they plan to do it in future.


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