9 When Spring Comes To Kazakhstan

When Spring Comes To Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan is best when seasons change. There is nothing more beautiful than winter yielding to spring, when the sun shines brighter and air fills with the smells of the awakening ground. Check out Konstantin Kikvidze’s photographs of the Karaganda and Vostochnyy Kazakhstan regions taken at this very moment.

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On the way to Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Lakes in the area of Sibiny.


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9 Responses to “When Spring Comes To Kazakhstan”

  1. Y5K says:

    I want some of them my wallpaper. Is high resolution available? I found larger ones at voxpopuli.kz, but the size was not enough for wallpaper.

  2. Akskl says:

    Beautiful photos, thanks!
    (BTW, I am first in this topic!)

  3. T-Bone says:

    It autumn, not spring…

  4. tonepoet says:

    I drove from Fairbanks, Alaska to Baltimore, Maryland and what I saw in both Alaska and Maryland look a lot like the pictures with the greenery. This is the best set of pictures I’ve seen on this site. Great!!

  5. pytor says:

    one day i am goping to visit kazakh nation.One of the best place on earth

  6. pytor says:

    this is heaven on earth.

  7. Anna A. Teodorescu says:

    Very, very nice pictures!

  8. baruyr says:

    Omg very nice pictures!
    @LovesFLSun thanks for the link.

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