9 People From Noginsk-2 Offered to Move to Slums

People From Noginsk-2 Offered to Move to Slums

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A couple of months ago, you might have read our report on the people from Central Asia living in a half-destroyed military barrack located in the city of Noginsk-2. Now we want to report on how the story continued.

By court order, Ministry of Defense was to provide the people with temporary accommodation in 2007 when major repairs started. So the 15 families were offered to move from their barrack to a presidio in the city of Sergiyev Posad and it was up to them to decide whether they wanted to go or stay.

When the roof of the barrack in Noginsk-2 started to leak and life there became unbearable, the people went to Sergiyev Posad.

“Ladies and gentlemen! You are living in a five-star hotel with 3 plumbers and 3 cleaning ladies”.


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    englishrussia.com – western anti russia propaganda

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    www – apparently suffers from paranoid delusions

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    you dropped your tin foil hat. :)

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    Whoa. Not even fit for animals.

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    Poles very like this site! – true site Russia! Sorry anti-Russia.

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    EVERY country has ghettos like this and even worse places. Go look up Detroit, Michigan USA or Gary, Indiana.

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    New Orleans is no better

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    A little “tlc” is all you need

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