6 Yalta Zoo Skazka

Yalta Zoo Skazka

Posted on March 21, 2012 by kulichik

Yalta Zoo “Skazka” (Russian for “Fairy Tale”) is the only Ukrainian privately owned zoo. At present more than 120 species of animals can be found in the Zoo, all of which were delivered from all continents of the globe.

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The zoo is located in a very beautiful and unique place from where a wonderful view of Yalta city and the Crimean mountains can be enjoyed. The zoo opened in 1995 and was visited by over 1 million of people. Many animals here have names of their own written on tables. As it is still winter many animals were hiding in their homes, but those that could be seen, made the journey to the zoo worth it.

Feeding animals is allowed here. You can buy food at the entrance. 'Food for all the animals except for predators.'

Atlantic cedar from France. One of the rarest and picturesque coniferous trees. The alley was planted in 2010.The trees are 35-40 years old.


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6 Responses to “Yalta Zoo Skazka”

  1. 山下智久 says:

    i am looking forward to seeing tiger because i have never seen a real tiger have you over seen a real tiger?

  2. George Johnson says:

    Sorry, but that’s a very sad zoo. You shouldn’t keep the animals in concrete and iron bar cages.
    If you’re going to build a zoo, build the animals a fairly nice and natural habitat. This is very surprising they did this because it was built new in 1995? No zoo like this should have been built for the last 25 years or more, most places stopped building them like this.

    The view of the mountains were very nice, pretty administration building. But come on, lions and tigers etc… in concrete floor cages?

    • Don says:

      It was built by businesman. So they don’t care about animals,only money! At least they are still alive. Many dies in others zoo of the same conditions.

  3. Aleksander says:

    Putt the “businessman” inside lion cage!

  4. Nowhere Girl says:

    I’ve seen a clip of tiger cubs from that zoo which had to be hand-raised – they spent some time with slightly older white lion cubs are were given… tea. Supposedly it helps digestion, but I wonder what tea it was: black, green, herbal tea? Black tea is a stimulant (it contains caffeine, just like coffee and cola drinks) and so not good for baby animals…
    I also find the cages of the big animals quite appaling – definitely not a “skazka”… However, I liked it when the owner was complaining after what Russia did in Crimea: that now he has trouble importing food for all the animals, that these people are causing political unrest and don’t care about the fate of animals…

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