13 Is There Any Hope For These People In The Far North?

Is There Any Hope For These People In The Far North?

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This village is located right by the Sea of Okhotsk. Fishing and hunting have always been these people’s main source of income. Then the fish factory was purchased by a private individual and the number of people employed reduced greatly. Today there are about 1,700 people living in the village while some time ago it was only the fish factory that emplyed over 2,000. Welcome to Oktyabrsky.

On the way to Oktyabrsky village.

Huge territories have been abandoned here in Kamchatka Territory.


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  1. Newyorkgrad says:

    I live only a few hundred kilometers away from this village, but in Japan. If Russia and Japan could finally sign a peace treaty ending WWII, so some investment could flow into Kamchatka from Japan, it would help the people of both nations greatly, I think.

    • anonymously says:

      russia and japan really have a lot to benefit from each other. a resource rich country on one side and technologically most advanced nation on the other, this area has enormous potential.

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    The devastation of capitalism.

    • too much vodka says:

      And the madness of socialism.

      • (r)evolutionist says:

        Read the third sentence under the first photo.

        • iii says:

          So you say that if there would still be fully working factory then the “city” would bloom and investments would fly in? Don’t be so naive- there isn’t many things to do, no cinemas, no shopping malls, and i also suppose that no good hospitals and other social services also. Better to fully demolish this place and inhabit these people to better place…

          • George says:

            And the fish factory should continue to operate at full employment strength despite not having enough product or personel or demand of product… only a blind fool cannot see the historic folly of (r)evolutionist.

      • George says:

        I agree and am saddened that (r)evoluntionist’s parents didn’t teach him/her not to steal from others.

    • George says:

      go back to your buggy whip factory, Comrade Lenin needs a ride.

  3. javox says:

    my god….so sad…i agree about the devastation of capitalism…

  4. todd says:

    Yes sad cold.

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