19 Rehearsing The Moscow Victory Day Parade Of 2012

Rehearsing The Moscow Victory Day Parade Of 2012

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It’s spring and it means it’s time for new rehearsals of the Moscow Victory Day Parade. The first rehearsal involving hardware machinery took place in Alabino, the Moscow Region.

It began with armored high-mobility vehicles Tigr.

Rehearsals are carried out at the training ground the size of the Moscow’s Red Square they built.

They started to rehearse in their military bases in early March.

Armored personnel carriers.

No military parade in Russia can do without the T-90.

Those are mostly draftees who drive the tanks.


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19 Responses to “Rehearsing The Moscow Victory Day Parade Of 2012”

  1. Testicules says:

    What? No giant baloons of Snoopy and Superman. No Floats? No girls on horseback? Where are the people throwing beads? Where are the beauty queens riding in classic cars? I bet there is not a single clown or fire truck involved. Parades in Russia suck!

  2. Dumas says:

    Hai Guys…
    What is the meaning of the red flag?


  3. George Johnson says:

    Draftees…. no wonder they were not smiling.

    Are they on their way to iran? Or syria??

    • ayaa says:

      If they were smiling, you’d say something that would probably go like “They are smiling, even on parades. Russian soldiers have no discipline. Try seeing a US Marine looking like that.” or something along those lines.

      Besides, George Johnson, shouldn’t you be more worried about the US troops that will die if they are sent to Iran or Syria?! And all in the name of democracy and human rights.
      You guys make me laugh.

  4. someone says:

    not sure about this but most likely it marks the end of the convoi

  5. Newyorkgrad says:

    It’s not just Russia which has military parades. Every year France puts on a big one in honor of Bastille day. We don’t have this custom in the USA.

    • Jeff H. says:

      Cool fact: Israel has started doing the Victory Day parade as well. The reason’s behind this is because after WW2 a lot of Jews from the Soviet Union also came to Israel and Israel also credits the Soviet Union for liberating most of the concentration camps.

  6. keith gibbs says:

    id like to come and drive one of these….

  7. jeffrey pigden says:

    The parade to celebrate May 01 will be held on May 09? Only in Russia!!!

    • ayaa says:

      What the hell did you expect Russia to celebrate on May 1st? May 9 is Victory Day.

    • andy says:

      May 1 is International Workers Day, a holiday in about 100 countries and honors the workingmen murdered by Chicago police in the 1886 Haymarket strike, where workers demanded an 8-hour day. Supposedly “someone” (Pinkerton? cops)? threw a “bomb” at the police. (In Tsarist Russia celebrating May 1 was outlawed) May 9 as r/evolutionist correctly points out observes the day Germany signed the surrender, the Soviets’
      hard won Victory. (There was a May 8 signing by the West)

  8. andy says:

    You guys want smiles? Astonishingly, Russian soldiers actually do smile, even laugh. ER has done TWO parts to this neat story: Part One: “Victory Day Rehearsal on Red Square” which shows just the men rehearsing marching, formations, etc. and many smile, laugh, are relaxed, – the other side of the “hardware” stuff. Type in the ER address to find.

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