6 Institute Of Ionosphere In Kharkiv

Institute Of Ionosphere In Kharkiv

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Kharkiv’s Institute of Ionosphere is one of the world’s leading research centers that studies near-Earth space physics and solar-terrestrial couplings with an up-to-date, most accurate and informative method of incoherent scatter (IS) of radio waves. In 2001, the scientific center named as “Ionospheric sonde” was registered as the National Property of Ukraine. There are 11 IS radar systems in the world, 5 radars belonging to the United States. They began constructing Kharkov’s IS radars in 1966. First experimental results were obtained in 1972.

This plate’s diameter is 100 m!

An ionosonde.


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6 Responses to “Institute Of Ionosphere In Kharkiv”

  1. Yorkshire says:

    “Study” It’s for controlling of the climate! It’s a weapon of war! It’s mind control!

  2. Chadna says:

    HAARP technology. That’s the study!

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    Scientific socialism at it’s best.

  4. javox says:

    my goood why everythin have to be sooo big in there? its really really really big hahahaha

  5. A.Oscar says:

    Amazing what men could do; but not enough if they not so greed, science give many good things, but when is good, must be bad too. Studding if could be intelligent creatures beyond some were in another planet, not that easy, but could be possible. I’m not just a believer for many years: but with so much curiosity have had a chance to prove to myself, what many didn’t have a chance the way I did. It’s impossible to believe: for that matter, better keep into the closet. Took decade’s studding and believe in myself how far could go: but for believers its true intelligent creatures in some planets superiors to mankind, and it possible we are in a way part of them, many thousands of years they was here. I have more hopes of doing some more of myself: in the name of science, and one day presented what I create for cosmonauts of own experience. A.Oscar

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