9 Development Of Soviet Railway Transport

Development Of Soviet Railway Transport

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We want to take you to Varshavsky Rail Terminal or Warsaw Rail Terminal, a former passenger train station in Saint Petersburg, which now serves as the Museum of Railway Machinery.

The museum features an extensive collection devoted to steam-locomotive and car building.

It includes a collection of steam locomotives manufactured in the Soviet Union and abroad used throughout the country.


9 Responses to “Development Of Soviet Railway Transport”

  1. banditrider says:

    whoever wrote the captions doesn’t know the difference between steam and diesel

  2. Nasir says:

    Great article. Are all pictures from the same museum?.
    Is it St. Petersburg Railway Museum? I would love to go there. They seem to take good care of their locomotives.

  3. OldBikr says:

    I love trains. I wish the railroads would become an important form of transportation again in the US. Any country that keeps their railroads is a smart country in my opinion.

    Cars are cool, but they are an inefficient way to answer peoples need for transportation.

  4. Babysitter says:

    Oh look, even some of the most ancient pieces have an automatic coupler. Not even in 21st century Europe has this!

  5. MKS says:

    Very Good Information

  6. Leigh says:

    I hope they dont shut it down, that would be sad. its important to keep rail history, and Russian rail history isn’t that well known in the west.

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