9 Development Of Soviet Railway Transport

Development Of Soviet Railway Transport

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We want to take you to Varshavsky Rail Terminal or Warsaw Rail Terminal, a former passenger train station in Saint Petersburg, which now serves as the Museum of Railway Machinery.

The museum features an extensive collection devoted to steam-locomotive and car building.

It includes a collection of steam locomotives manufactured in the Soviet Union and abroad used throughout the country.

Built in 1897, this steam locomotive is one of the oldest in Russia. It was manufactured for Vladikavkaz. Its design speed is 45km/h.

This freight steam locomotive OD 1080 was made in 1900 and had a design speed of 55 km/h.

Ov 6640 is a freight locomotive made in 1902. Its design speed is 55 km/h. This freight locomotive was one of the most popular in Russia, with about 8,000 pcs manufactured.

This car was manufactured for the Chinese Eastern Railway in 1902. It was used by Soviet communist leaders in the 1940s.

This car has a wooden body. Its number of seats: 1st class – 8, 2nd class – 10. Such cars had been in production from 1903 till 1914.

TT-1770 (made in Germany). Its design speed is 65 km/h.

El 534 is a freight locomotive featuring a design speed of 70 km/h. It was made by an American steam-locomotive building company ALKO in Schenectady in 1917. The number of locomotives produced for Russia totaled 1,000.

Esh 4444 is a freight locomotive with a design speed of 65 km/h. 1,200 steam locomotives of this kind were made in Germany and Sweden for the Soviet Union.

A snow plow, made in 1921.

The first Russian diesel locomotive (it was produced in 1924).

This steam locomotive was made in Germany in 1928. It was used by an oil refinery in Tuapse.

FD 20-1103 is a freight steam locomotive featuring a design speed of 85 km/h. FD 20-1103 freight diesel locomotives were the most powerful freight diesel locomotives manufactured by the Soviet Union on a large scale.

This car was made in 1932. Its design speed is 85 km/h.

Ss-14 is an electric locomotive made in the USSR in 1933. Its design speed is 70 km/h.

Em 710-31 is a freight steam locomotive made in 1934. Its design speed is 65 km/h.

This armored biaxial flatcar was made in 1935.

A tetraaxial armored flatcar.

This steam locomotive 9P-15387 was made in 1954. Its design speed is 35 km/h.

A biaxial electric locomotive.

Som17-1137 is a freight steam locomotive made in 1938 that featured a design speed of 70 km/h.

This railroad gun ТМ-3-12 was made in 1938. Its shooting range is 30 km.

They were widely used during the Winter War.

This railway crane DZh-45 №71 Yanvarets has a load-carrying ability of 45 tons. It was made in Odessa in 1939.

A tetraaxial motorailer. Its design speed is 110 km/h. It was manufactured in Rumania in 1939.

Tk3 1105 is a freigh steam locomotive. It was made in Finland in 1943. Its design speed is 60 km/h.

Made in Austria for Germany in 1943, this freight steam locomotive TE 6769 came to the Soviet Union as a war trophy.

Er 750-04 freight steam locomotives feature a design speed of 65 km/h. This one was made in 1943.

Ea 2201 is a freight steam locomotive featuring a design speed of 70 km/h. The one in the photo was made by Baldwin in 1944.

The steam locomotive Da20-09 has a design speed of 96 km/h. It was made by ALKO in 1944.

The freight steam locomotive L 2298 was made in 1953. Its design speed is 80 km/h.

The cargo-and-passenger steam locomotive ТE1-20-135 was produced in the USA in 1949. Its design speed is 93 km/h.

This freight steam locomotive SО17-2413 has a design speed of 70 km/h. It was made outside Krasnoyarsk in 1948.

The cargo-and-passenger steam locomotive TE5-20-03 features a design speed of 93 km/h. It was built in Kharkov in 1948.

Su 253-15 is a passenger steam locomotive. Its design speed is 115 km/h. Made in 1950.

This passenger steam locomotive C.68 is the only one that remained. Its design speed is 115 km/h.

LV18-002 (ОР18-002) is a freight steam locomotive. Its design speed is 80 km/h. It was made in 1953.

This freight electric locomotive has a design speed of 100 km/h. Over 1,700 units were made from 1953 till 1967.


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  1. banditrider says:

    whoever wrote the captions doesn’t know the difference between steam and diesel

  2. Nasir says:

    Great article. Are all pictures from the same museum?.
    Is it St. Petersburg Railway Museum? I would love to go there. They seem to take good care of their locomotives.

  3. OldBikr says:

    I love trains. I wish the railroads would become an important form of transportation again in the US. Any country that keeps their railroads is a smart country in my opinion.

    Cars are cool, but they are an inefficient way to answer peoples need for transportation.

  4. Babysitter says:

    Oh look, even some of the most ancient pieces have an automatic coupler. Not even in 21st century Europe has this!

  5. MKS says:

    Very Good Information

  6. Leigh says:

    I hope they dont shut it down, that would be sad. its important to keep rail history, and Russian rail history isn’t that well known in the west.

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