0 How They Make Pointes And Dressing Gowns

How They Make Pointes And Dressing Gowns

Posted on March 18, 2012 by

GRISHKO is a company that produces pointes. Pointes are made manually, each pair featuring over 50 elements. The main element is the tight toe. Pointes makers have their own production secrets so maybe we’ll unlock one.

While other productions die here and there, this manufacture managed to appear in modern Russia. Sewing underwear and dressing gowns in the building of the old factory of merchant Morozov in the Moscow Region. Half legal production of cheap clothes. Citizens of the local villages got jobs here, they don’t have to go to work to the capital each day anymore. Guest workers joined them too. Many of them found the second motherhood in the Moscow Region, they live and work with whole families, their children go to the local school.

via kirill-kuzmin and photopolygon.com

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