15 Different Worlds. Photos By Dmitry Beliakov

Different Worlds. Photos By Dmitry Beliakov

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A collection of photos taken by a photographer, military journalist, Dmitry Beliakov. Chechnya, Russia, Grozny, Desolated Mira street (Peace street) after 22 weeks of heavy bombardment, February 4th, 2000.

Abkhazia, the Tkvarcheli region, Bridge over the Galidzga river, May 2008

Tajikistan, Zeravshan gorge, November 2002.

Tajikistan, Zeravshan gorge, November 2002.

Ukraine, Zaporozhie, Steel mill, June 2005.

Russia, the Volgograd region, Children play in the Don at St-Nikolay, June 2001.

Russia, the Volgograd region, Father Gennady, a priest from St-Innokenty, June 2001.

Chechnya, Russia, Vostok battalion fighters at the drop off point, from where they give chase to separatists in the mountains of the Vedeno area, March 23rd, 2007.

Chechnya, Russia, Russian sappers’ convoy checking Chechen road for landmines and IEDs, planted every day by insurgents, April 2002.

Chechnya, Russia, Grozny, Russian soldier observes ruins of circus, February 19th, 2000.

Russia, the Volgograd region, Van’ka, resident of Cossack’ settlement, visited by the floating church, June 2001.


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15 Responses to “Different Worlds. Photos By Dmitry Beliakov”

  1. CSKi says:

    Reminds me of being back in Afghanistan while people in the U.S. don’t know or care what is happening around the world.

  2. CZenda says:

    The mercenary on “Chechnya, Russia, Mopping up operation, April 2002″ wears something that looks like the British camos I bought in a surplus store for my workshop.

  3. Testicules says:

    Very high quality photography. Interesting the destruction in the Chechen city.

    • asdfg says:

      Grozny a Chechen city? Grozny was built by Russia, and is IN Russia. If Russia wants to destroy it it’s their business.

      • ptc says:

        Yes, it occupied by Russia. Does not mean it is part of Russia.

        • ayaa says:

          It’s a Russian city, founded in 1869. The city was not widely inhabited by the local Chechens until well into Stalins regime, over 50 years later. Even then it was because he didn’t trust the Cossacks, who formed the majority of Groznys population.

          • Grozny says:

            it was built on the site of thirteen leveled Chechen villages, including Kuli-Jurt, Alkhanchu, Khankala, Bugan-Jurt, Yandara, Sunzha-Jurt, Maas and Zhima-Chechen. The villages were destroyed and the fortress was built.Today Grozny is a Chechen city

  4. Fred says:

    Great pix. Especially like the one of the soldiers sitting outside in their make-shift living room. Comfy.

  5. Addy says:

    “Kosta Khetagurov street, destroyed by the Georgian artillery at the Osettian settlement of Tsunar, August 13th, 2008, South Ossetia.” – All I can see is a Lada which has been run over by a tank or BTR. There are no signs of artillery fire. Get your facts right!

  6. Tangowolf says:

    lol “…bored with life…” I love that comment. :)

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