3 The Fate Of The Astrakhan Sturgeon By Carl Mydans

The Fate Of The Astrakhan Sturgeon By Carl Mydans

Posted on March 16, 2012 by kulichik

The photos were made by Carl Mydans in April 1960 and show how a sturgeon, the tastiest fish, is caught and cooked.

Houses of fishers.

Reeds in the Volga estuary next to Astrakhan.

The wooden frame of a fishing boat.

The Kazakh women are fishing.

A caught sturgeon.

Kazakh fishers next to their fish crop.

The Russian fisher is holding a sturgeon.

Fish nets.

Fish gets processed in the workshop.

The woman is cleaning the sturgeon.

The man is cleaning the sturgeon.

The sturgeons are split now.

The caviar is put into glass cans and sent for export.

Packing of caviar at a fishing plant.

The final point of sturgeon destination.

Location: Astrakhan

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3 Responses to “The Fate Of The Astrakhan Sturgeon By Carl Mydans”

  1. ben268 says:

    That’s a ridiculous amount of caviar!!

  2. I know that the caviar harvesting method is very cruel to the fish.

  3. Tim Dennison says:

    Yeah, I was wondering if this was sustainable, if the fish population was remaining stable. It seems they may be over-harvesting to feed the appetite of the well-off? I hope little goes to waste, that all of the fish gets used some way or another?

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