4 Tactical Maneuvers On The Klerk Peninsula

Tactical Maneuvers On The Klerk Peninsula

Posted on March 16, 2012 by

Units of the Pacific Fleet Marine Force carried out two-day tactical maneuvers in Primorye Territory that started on March, 14th.


We are in Slavyanka village, the Klerk peninsula. Day one.

This giant monument is situated in the center of the village.


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4 Responses to “Tactical Maneuvers On The Klerk Peninsula”

  1. Mummeli says:

    What a great pic of the 122-mm self-propelled howitzer :D

  2. Wolfram says:

    The only thing they have is arms/weapons other than that there is nothing to see.

  3. Testicules says:

    I want a tank turrent in my back yard. That would be awesome. This looked like a company size exercise. Not very revealing. Good small arms drills probably,

  4. ayaa says:

    In modern times, the most effective combat units are not massive divisions, brigades or even regiments. Its battalions for regular troops, and company for special forces.

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