1 The History Of Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex

The History Of Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex

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First sports stadiums appeared in the Soviet Union in the 20th century. World War I prevented them from building a stadium in Kiev in 1914 but in the 1920s they started construction of Red Stadium of Trotsky designed by L. Pilvinsky. On August 12th, 1923 the stadium hosted a sports contest making that date the stadium’s birthday.

“Alive chess”. The photo was taken either in 1923 or in 1929.

In 1924 they rebuilt the stadium’s football field, encircled it with a race course, installed shower stalls and built locker rooms. It was the best stadium in the city. Opening the stadium triggered development of the sports movement in Kiev.

A performance of the athletes, 1933.

The stadium closed in 1933 when a new stadium Dinamo seating 18,000 viewers opened. Kiev needed to have a larger sports arena when the city became the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic so they decided to reconstruct Red Stadium. The new stadium was to seat 50,000 viewers and occupy 800,000 m2. They wanted to make it one of the largest stadiums in the Soviet Union, following those in Moscow and Leningrad.


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    “Alive chess.” Evidence of Soviet socialist intellectualism.

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